Why are you not getting interview calls?

Why are you not getting interview calls

Here could be a few reasons:

1. Your profile is not updated or well written or does not have skills in demand. It is not what you have as skills but what the world is looking for.

Nitin Dixit Human Resource’s- XLRIJamshedpur & SHRM Professional
Nitin Dixit
Human Resource’s- XLRIJamshedpur & SHRM Professional

2. You may not be putting the best foot forward showcasing your work & experience. A cover letter is a good idea.

3. You may not be applying to the right jobs on job portals & social media. When applying you need to tailor your cv to meet the requirements of the JD. Highlight relevant skills.

4. You may not be speaking to recruiters, hiring managers, networking with professionals. Meet and speak to as many people.  The jobs may not be in your first-degree connections. So you need to meet & speak to people you haven’t before.

5. Get yourself visible at forums, workshops, networking events, co-working places. Go without an agenda, don’t ask for a job in the first meeting. Build your brand, people should remember & recommend you.

6. Your skills may not be in demand, update your skills focus on learning & growth. Go back to learning again, pick new skills, certifications, etc

P.S: Linkedin may not be the right place to get jobs. You may only get likes, shares, comments. It is a networking platform, not a job search platform.


Post Credit: Nitin Dixit on Linkedin

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