Hello, Dear English Learners in Aligarh. I can understand that you are curious to know who can help you learn good English.

Well, I am going to share the real thing with you. If you join any coaching centre which provides English Speaking Course in Aligarh, you will surely learn a lot. I advise you to have complete respect in your teacher whoever he/she is.

You just need to have devotion and dedication. Your teacher will do everything possible to give you the best. Therefore, do not test your trainer.

as per my knowledge, there are a few teachers who can help you accomplish good Fluency in the English language.

English Speaking Course in Aligarh | Best English Trainer in Aligarh
Sunil Chaudhary Directory TAMS Studies

However, if you are interested in some great and deep knowledge of the English language, you should join TAMS Studies Only.

The trainer at the TAMS Studies is Sunil Chaudhary which I am. I have a great love and passion for English Langauge.

I always try to make the tough concepts easy for my students.

My last job was in Bangalore in Fidelity Investments as a Business Analyst. Prior to that, I had worked with Mercer as Lead Implementation Analyst and with IBM and Senior Customer Service Associate for Sprint Telecom Customers.

I have also helped many of my friends and students get a good and prospering job.

Therefore, you should be able to understand what all you can get at TAMS Studies English Language Academy Aligarh.

I give a lot of practice sessions where I Myself participate in the practice so that my students practice with the correct pronunciation and also get to learn lots of spellings naturally.

Apart from the English Language Lessons, you get lots of Personality Development Lessons in a very natural way. You do not feel pressurized.

I make the learning fun for my students of the English Language in Aligarh.

My dream is to prepare a good number of people from aligarh who feel empowered because of the English language and never face any problem due to the lack of language skills.

So, I request you, my dear friend, to join me in this campaign and share our Facebook Page(TAMS Studies) with English Learners.

I try to make below topics absolute easy for my Students:

  1. Types of Nouns and Their Usage
  2. Noun Cases
  3. Sentence Structures of Daily Life
  4. Tenses in Different Sentence Structures
  5. Conditional Sentences
  6. Natural Daily Life Short and Long Sentences
  7. Prepositions
  8. Conjunctions
  9. Adverbs
  10. Phrases and Clauses
  11. and much more

However, all these topics are taught in a natural way where you are able to assimilate these topics very easily.

Come and Learn English with Suniltams Guruji in Aligarh.

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