Looking for whiskey prices in NYC, New York, USA, here is a short guide which can give you a fair idea about how much you need to spend in order to enjoy an evening in New York. These prices may differ from reality. Therefore, do not treat these charges as official.

Whiskey Prices in New York

A List of Whiskey Prices in New York

Widow Jane 10 Year Straight Bourbon – $54.99 to $129.99

Hudson Bay Bourbon Whiskey – $9.99 to $119.89

Hillrock Solera Bourbon – $71.99 to $199.99

Willow Jane Oak & Applewood Aged Rye Mask Whiskey – $34.99 to $94.99

Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey – $39.59 to $92.99

Hudson Short Stack Rye Whiskey – $34.99 to $82.59

Kings County Distillery Peated Bourbon – $ 62.99 to $94.99

Widow Jane American Oak Aged Rye Mash Whiskey – $32.09 to $82.49

Per Glass Average Approx Charges in NYC, New York, USA

Jack Daniels $11 / Glass

Bulleit Bourbon $12 / Glass

Bulleit Rye $12 / Glass

Makers Mark $12 / Glass

Knob Creek – $13 / Glass

Crown Royal – $13 / Glass

More Brands will be included soon. This list keeps getting updated. Contact info@justbaazaar.com for Ad/Collaboration. List Created by Suniltams

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