Nowadays, the public is more active on Social Media and Messengers. One of the most famous messengers is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is now an integral part of anyone’s life. A person with a mobile number usually also has a WhatsApp account activated on that. Since WhatsApp is so much popular around the world, businesses are using this platform to connect with their clients and customers. Businesses use WhatsApp Newsletter to feed their clients and customers on a regular basis.

What is WhatsApp Newsletter?

A newsletter is a report that consists of information about a business or an organization. It is sent to members, customers, employees, or subscribers. The newsletter can be in the printed or electronic form.

When this newsletter approaches clients or customers via WhatsApp, it is called WhatsApp Newsletter. As the world is becoming smarter day by day in terms of using technology effectively. Businesses also smartly using WhatsApp Newsletter to deal or connect with their audience.

If you also want to implement this smart marketing strategy, you can contact us.




How we can help you?

We can help you in dealing with the audience with WhatsApp Newsletter. You just have to tell us, that what type of messages you want to send on WhatsApp accounts of your clients or customers. We will prepare all messages with your approval.

After that, we will start sending different messages to your clients at different intervals of time.

This way your client will feel more connected with your profession or business.



What we charge for this

For this super effective technique of reaching clients and customers, we charge just Rs. 12000/- for 3 Months.

By spending this nominal amount, about Rs.4000/- per month, you can approach your target audience, for your marketing or any other purpose.

So, feel free to contact us.

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