Hello Friends, I am writing this post to know your views on “What Kind of Blogs Start Making Money Soon?”

What Kind of Blogs Start Making Money Soon?

Including me, Many New and Existing bloggers are still struggling to know the types of Blogs that Make money.

Even after reading a lot and going through the blogs of successful bloggers who keep posting their earnings and success stories over the internet, there are bloggers, who are still in confusion.

It is not about hiding the truth. with this post, I am really trying to know what should I write on my blog so that I can make some money with Adsense or maybe with any other medium.

As a blogger, I am not consistent. But what is the reason of inconsistency, even though I want to make money with my blogs. The reason is I am not able to understand the procedure or the topics on which I should write.

I hope as a blogger, you would be able to connect with me here. what if I put a lot of research on some topic, I write about that. then I put it across on all Social Media and also get some backlinks. it includes a hell lot of efforts and work.

As a result, If I am not making even $50.00. I would get demotivated.

So, here I would need a bit of expert advice and surety.

I have been into blogging since 2007. Yes, you got it right. I have not made even $200.00 to date. See, you can understand my consistency and my dedication.

Now, I am writing this to know your views that How to make money with a blog. Do let me know so that my readers can also know how do bloggers make money from blogging.

There are many top money making blogs which we keep reading. We can see some of these successful bloggers do not write much. Still, they keep posting their earnings in big numbers. That motivates and confuses bloggers like me who are not even making $10.00 a month.

I am sure you would be able to understand the frustration and anxiety which comes after putting so many efforts in maintaining a blog, renewing the hosting plan, SSL and much more.

New Bloggers including me keep searching blog topics that make the most money. They find some hopeful. And, they start writing. The result is again almost NIL.

At that time what happens to the mindset of a new blogger. Yes, many of these new bloggers quit because they have not been able to make any money. nevertheless, they have lost a lot of efforts and money.

New Bloggers are waiting for your comment and guidance, Please comment below. Also, Guide how to earn with affiliate marketing.