What is The Role of Business Directory Yellow Pages? In this post, I am going to share my thoughts about the role of Yellow Pages Business Directories in your Business Success. Why Should You Hire an SEO Expert Like me?

What is The Role of Business Directory Yellow Pages?

Role of Directories

So let’s get started with the basics; learn what is a web directory and how can it be effective in your online business promotion strategy.

What is The Role of Business Directory Yellow Pages?
What is The Role of Business Directory Yellow Pages?

Business directories are websites that store information about any Business or Service. They usually have a category structure divided by cities. You usually find something like that:

New York | Bangalore | Agra | Mathura | Aligarh | Agra | Meerut | Noida | Lucknow.

When you list your Business on a business directory, you share NAP (Name, address, phone number), details about your services and a gallery. That way any visitor can have complete info and can do an inquiry.

Most directories allow a link to your personal website; however, some restrict it mainly because of spam reasons.

So what are the benefits?

  • By listing your business, you can have direct inquiries from visitors surfing the web directory you are listed on.
  • It helps build in brand awareness.
  • It dramatically increases the Search Engine visibility of your business as you get citations (listing of a business on a directory) and links.

If you have your own website, then linking to genuine directories will surely trigger to a visible boost in your main site’s ranking on GOOGLE and other Search engines.

And if you don’t have a personal website then any of the random web directory (according to quality) will rank.

Citations and Links are the main factors Google consider while ranking businesses.

So, you may pick 40-50 suitable directories from our list and start having your online business promotion. You will gain good visibility and rankings that way.

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