When we integrate all digital marketing platforms in the way that they all complement each other, We call it Integrated digital marketing. In this article, I am going to discuss what is Integrated Digital Marketing with proper and layman examples so that you can understand it easily.

Integrated Digital Marketing

For example, if you have a landing page on your website, you generate a lead from there, your customers should get an email immediately. Not only this, but they should also start seeing your ad on Facebook and Google.

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Now, understand this scenario. What is happening?

An already interested customer landed on a page. And, when the visitor fills the lead form, the visitor should receive an email that is fully customized and carries the visitor’s name and requirements in specific. Cool, the customer is impressed.

Next, when he visits Facebook and Google to find something similar to your products and services, the visitor finds your products and services on Facebook and Google as well.

Now, imagine the brand image you have created in front of your prospective customer for yourself. It is the power of Integrated Digital Marketing.

Well, this is a solid example of integrated digital marketing. 

JustBaazaar is such an integrated digital marketing agency. We create campaigns that are powerful and get you customers and more business.

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Now, this is the time where Digital Marketers and Business owners both are confused.

They feel that they have run an ad on Facebook and getting leads, it is not enough. It does not work effectively.

You have to keep interacting with those leads for some time. It is called Lead Nurturing.

You have to keep building the marketing funnel and filter out the customers who will stick with your services and products.

Understand The Price and Efforts Included in Integrated Digital Marketing

You can get Integrated Digital Marketing services from a Full-Fledged Integrated Digital Marketing Agency where you have qualified and highly experienced Integrated Digital Marketing Experts like Suniltams.

When a person is highly experienced and reputed, his charges are more. Let’s see in the above example. 

First, we created a landing page. Creation of Landing Page starts from Rs. 1000 which takes at least three days if the work is quick. 

However, do not you think that a digital marketer who possesses 15 years of experience and gets a salary of Rs? 2,00,000 per month from a company if not working as a digital marketing consultant, should get Rs. 20,000 for 3 Days. Yes, he should. 

Well, if you are looking for quality for your Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign, the digital marketer is also looking for a reasonable payment. 

It is only about the creation of a landing page. I am sure some digital marketers charge up to Rs. 1,50,000 for creating a landing page.

The landing page includes many aspects. Like Content and content flow, graphics, videos, lead forms, call to action, and much more. An experienced Integrated digital marketer will charge you more. However, you need to understand the benefits you will make out of that integrated digital marketing campaign.

The next thing is to create effective integration with Facebook and Google so that these people continue to get updates on your products and services.

Some of the Key Components of Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Web Development and Design
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Listings Management
  • Paid Advertising or PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click)
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing

I hope you understood the value of integrated digital marketing in this article. I have also tried to give examples of the impact of the integrated digital marketing. 

Also, I have given you a rough idea about the pricing. 

Now, it is the time to hire the Top Integrated Digital Marketing Agency and Get Started.

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