In this Post, I am going to discuss What is an Ideal and Perfect Yellow Pages Business Directory. It is important to know. Because you should not waste your time and efforts with a low authority or unimpactful Yellow Pages Business Directory.

What is an Ideal and Perfect Yellow Pages Business Directory
What is an Ideal and Perfect Yellow Pages Business Directory

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What is an Ideal and Perfect Yellow Pages Business Directory

So as we know that it helps us to increase the visibility of our business and search engine rankings. Hence, a perfect business listing site should have:

  • Good amount of monthly visitors, the more the better. You can get an idea by checking the Alexa rank of a site.
  • That allows links. Links play a pivotal role in rankings in search engines. The higher your business ranks for your services’ keywords, the more customers you will have.

Ex – Suppose you run a bakery shop in Mumbai city, your visitors will be searching for “Bakery Shop Mumbai

  • That allows do-follow link; such links are much-much more value and considered as real votes by search engines.
  • Sites with high Domain Authority (DA). DA tells about the popularity of a website, scores from 0-100. Hence, a link from 50 DA website is better than 3 sites with 10 DA score.
  • Balance in Moz Trust; it is a score given by Moz that tells about the genuineness of a website. Some websites may trick by having 100s of low-quality links to increase DA and Moz Rank. However, if there is much low Moz Trust comparing Moz Rank then you should be far from that site.
  • High visibility on their own website. If you aren’t being shown at the top reign or at a very low place then you are missing the majority of eyes even if that website has tons of traffic daily. So consider this also.

So above mentioned 6 qualities should be there to call a web directory perfect for your online promotion. However, you may not get all 6 in one directory mostly if it is providing free service.

Try to pick one that has as many qualities we have just talked about.

Trick: Create links on dozens of business directories and cover all the above-mentioned points. Find a few sites with high DA and do-follow link for having higher search rankings and a few sites with high visibility for direct inquiries. You may create your own pack of sites.

Some useful links for your reference:

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