The below letter was written to the shop owner who was allotted a commercial unit to run a shop in the sweets category in a residential township. However, the grocery shop was operational. You can use this sample letter language, formatting, and vocabulary in your letters.

Warning Letter to Shop Owner in a Residential Township

Dated: 02/03/2021


Mr XXXX Kumar
H.No. 4, XXXX Ji Vihar,
XXXX Bagh, Ext. XXXX Bagh

Subject Sweets shop being run in a different category in XXXXX Smart City.

Dear Mr XXXXX Kumar, 

You were allotted a shop # COMM01/003, Gr Flr, XXXXX Smart City in the sweets category. However, it is noted that a shop is being run in the grocery category. As per the agreement signed between us only sweet shops can be operated in the aforementioned commercial unit. 

Kindly start the commercial unit in the allotted category or close the current operation as soon as you receive this communication. Or else the agreement signed between us will be considered null and void. We will be forced to take legal action in this matter.

Kindly take the action on priority.

For XXXXXX Infrastructure Development Company Limited

XXXX Agarwal
Managing Director

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