Welcome to a very useful post. Yes, there is no doubt your website needs some great backlinks or say citations. This post, I am going to talk about the Top Citation Builder in India

How to Get Citations Built for your Business Website – Top Citation Builder in India

There are three methods to get citations for your website and get it rolling on the ladder of SEO. First, you get it by automated apps which are considered highly spammy and these citations become null and void over the period of time.

30 High Quality Citations at 9999 INR only
30 High-Quality Citations at 9999 INR only

Second, you can get citations from a person who just copies and pastes everything in most of the citations. This copied content also does not have much value in the eyes of search engines. The third way, which we recommend to you is to get our service where we write fresh, original and unique content every time we create a citation as we are writing this post.

Therefore, you understand the real difference.

SEO – Content is the King – Top Citation Builder in India

Now, you should decide from where you need to get the citations fro your website which you want to go up and up in terms of SEO and gives you the business for what you have established it or created it.

Now when you have created a website, I am sure you want a great business out of the same.

Lots of Investment in Your Website Why to Compromise on Citation Building – Top Citation Builder in India

And, I am sure that you are investing a lot in terms of services and products.

Not only this website of your business but also at many other fronts like Manpower, Infrastructure, tools and many other miscellaneous things.

Stay Away from Bad Quality Citations Save Your Business – Top Citation Builder in India

Top Citation Builder in India SEO Expert
Top Citation Builder in India

So, there is no point in getting bad quality citations at a lower cost. And, I hope you are not the person who would compromise with the quality of the Citations which are going to make your website stronger and stronger over the period of time.

Contact JustBaazaar for Best Citation Building Service – Top Citation Builder in India

So, stop waiting and just contact us at our email or WhatsApp. We will create 30 High-Quality backlinks for your website with relevant keywords and unique content.

We provide a complete report of the work done. So, you have absolute surety about the work done in terms of creating citations or backlinks for your website.

Sunil Chaudhary
CEO Founder JustBaazaar

More About Citations

What Does Local Citation Listing Mean?

Citations are like the people who are praising your work or talking positively about you when someone asks them about your work or services. In the same way, there are some websites which give link to your website referring to the products or services mentioned on your website.

Local citations are any online mentions of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. On different websites such as local business listing directories, websites, social platforms. Local SEO citations help internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. We list your business on free local business listings sites, Data Aggregators, high DA sites.

There are multiple types of Citations

Generic Citation:

Good Number of Generic citations are common and typically national business directories such as Yelp.com, Manta.com, insiderpages.com, local.com, kudzu.com, thomsonlocal.com, yellowpages.ca, etc.

Lots of generic directories will give you a decent start to your citation building activities, it is important that you submit your business to niche or industry-specific directories that can give you higher value citation. There are a good number of directories focused on specific industries like Home Improvement, Health, Legal etc.

City Specific Citation

There are directories and blogs for specific locations – as broad as for regions (Northwest, Southern) and as specific as locality (Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York City). Being listed in the smallest ones allows interaction with your direct neighbours and community while the larger ones have more reach.

Unstructured Citation

An unstructured citation is a mention of your business name, address, phone number in a blog post or a newspaper, event listing websites, job websites, government sites, or really on any webpage that is not a directory. These are referred to as unstructured citations and can be extremely valuable for your local rankings.

How Do We Build Local Citations

  • Prepare a list of Generic+Niche+Location specific citations for business.
  • Then we select HIGH AUTHORITY citation sources for your business.
  • Fill complete information like NAP, URL, Social Profile, images etc
  • We provide a detailed report including login details.
  • Our team adds approved citation URLs to PAID indexing services.
  • We also provide a list of potential citation sites which you may need for your information.

    All one Package
    [ Generic + Niche + Geo + Unstructured ] Citations

    Features of Local Citation Building

    Use Local IP


    Complete Manual Work – We do not use any tools or apps while creating citations – So, we assure genuine work


    Keep Consistent NAP across the citations created


    No Duplicate Listing and No Duplicate Content – Content is the King


    Do Citation Audit – A proper audit is done by different eyes to assure accuracy and no misses


    White – Label Report

    Top Local Citation Sites India

    Site Name Domain Authority Site Name Domain Authority
    indiamart.com 86 sulekha.com 85
    callme.co.in 29 aaspaas.com 31
    zoompo.com 20 dealerbaba.com 25
    clickblue.in 28 justdial.com 59
    yellow.place 52 asklaila.com 39
    searchingurgaon.com 18 indianyellowpages.com 38
    yellowpages.webindia123.com 55 merchantcircle.com 82
    yalwa.in 36 quikr.com 63
    bizsheet.com 31 cootera.com 36
    startlocal.in 28 jantareview.com 63
    bharathlisting.com 37 b2bhouse.com 20
    findshops.in 20 grotal.com 33
    tradeindia.com 80 rajb2b.com 32
    tradesights.com 20 indyapages.com 28
    yellowpagesdir.in 22 sevanow.com 20
    prekkha.com 21 khargharcity.com 22
    fionadates.com 23 submitmybusiness.com 21
    vandanayellowpages.com 24

    Contact us today and let us help your business get listed in top local citation directories across the world.

    We have custom proposals as well for bigger requirements.

    Contact us at our email or WhatsApp for the best Citation Building Proposal.


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