Hi Dear Friend, as you have landed here on this page, I am sure you are looking for good shoe racks/shoe organizer for your home. Obviously for home. Yes, we keep facing lots of problems without a shoe rack. We can see shoes, sandals, chappals, spread here and there in our home everywhere. That is a great mess. Also, they give lots of negative energy.

Shoe Rack/Shoe Stand/Shoe Storage Cabinet/Shoe Organizer – It has many names

Well, do not worry, we have some amazingly useful information about shoe racks in the below post. You will be able to decide which shoe rack is good for you.

The things you need to decide before you buy a shoe rack/shoe storage organizer for your family. Below the top Vital Points to consider before buying a shoe storage cabinet for yourself.

  1. How many pairs of shoes are there in your home.
  2. Where do you want to keep the shoe rack/shoe storage unit in your house?
  3. What is your budget for the shoe rack you are going to buy
  4. Are you looking for usefulness for a designer look?
  5. Do you want a wooden shoe rack or plastic shoe rack?
  6. Do you want a matching look with your existing furniture and house ambience?

Well, you must have understood the most important points I mentioned above. Now, let’s have a look at the available options you have to get the best shoe rack.

Ikea Shoe Rack – Best Shoe Rack Range You Can Ever Find

Ikea Shoe racks are the best in shoe storage units. They have innovation, craftiness, and a designer attitude. You will get unbelievable and amazing designs for shoe racks/shoe storage units from Ikea. Buy Ikea Shoe Racks Online.

Some of the Best Ikea Shoe Racks Are Below For Your Reference.

Shoe Rack Bench – Shoe Rack with Seat

That seems to be a great idea. It not only keeps your shoes safe but also hidden. Additionally, you have a good option for sitting. You can easily place this Shoe rack in your drawing room or wherever you like. It will add glamour and will keep the shoes away from the look of your visitors.

DeckUp Turrano 3-Door Shoe Rack (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)
DeckUp Turrano 3-Door Shoe Rack (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)

What kind of shoe rack do you want in terms of material?

There are basically 4 types of Shoe Racks majorly available around or online.

  1. Wooden Shoe Rack
  2. Plastic Shoe Rack
  3. Fibre Shoe Rack
  4. Foldable Shoe Rack
  5. Bamboo Shoe Rack
Beautiful Natural Finish Cane Bamboo Rack,Books & Shoes Rack, Kitchen Rack
Beautiful Natural Finish Cane Bamboo Rack, Books & Shoes Rack, Kitchen Rack

You can find 5 more types of Bamboo Shoe Racks – HERE.

DIY Shoe Rack – How to Make a Shoe Rack? – How to Build a Shoe Rack?

This option works when you are a DIY enthusiast and already possess many Tools for the same. You can easily watch some videos on YouTube and build/make a shoe rack as per your need. You can create a shoe rack with wood or boards.

Watch Videos for DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Multi Use DIY Plastic 5 Cube Shoe Rack Organizer, Shoes Cabinet Black with White Door - Large Size
Multi-Use DIY Plastic 5 Cube Shoe Rack Organizer, Shoes Cabinet Black with White Door – Large Size

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Please keep in mind that when you are going to build a DIY Show Rack, it needs lots of pondering over the ideas. Also, you need to gather all the tools required. If you do not have the tools already, you may end up spending more on the shoe rack you are going to have. Therefore, consider all these expenses and efforts you are going to put into making a shoe rack well in advance.

Do not worry, if you love DIY, do it anyway. The tools will be useful in the next DIY Projects. Yo!

What type of shoe storage is right for you?

Messy and cluttered shoes are taking on your nerves? Well, not anymore. There are numerous types o shoe storage units are available in the market around you. Also, thousands of options are available online. you can easily choose a shoe rack which suits your kind of living space. Shoe Raks are available for all types of homes whether small or big. You will surely be wondered about the available choices you can make with shoe cabinets out there.

Some more types of Shoe Racks are mentioned below for your knowledge

  1. Regular Shoe Cabinet- 12 to 30 Pairs
  2. Tilt-out (pull-down) Shoe Cabinet – 16 to 36 Pairs
  3. Over-The-Door Shoe Hanger – 12 to 36 pairs
  4. Shoe Benches – 5 to 10 Pairs
  5. Under-The-Bed Shoe Storage – 6 to 12 Pairs
  6. Shoe Ottoman – 10 to 20 Pairs of Shoes
  7. Shoe Hanger in Closet – Up to 30 Pairs of Shoes
  8. Freestanding Shoe Rack – Up to 50 Pairs
  9. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack – up to 18 Pairs
  10. Hall Tree – a few pairs
  11. Shoe Boxes

You can decide on shoe storage by considering the number of shoes you have and space availability.