The most important thing for any business is to get found over the internet. For this purpose, you can easily use the power of various Free Business Listing Sites in India. In this post, further, I would let you know important details and the list of Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India.

Nowadays, the usefulness of the Free Business Listing Sites in India should not be ignored. It is a must to have your business listing on these leading business directories of India.

The purpose of a simple business listing is to show your Business Name, Phone Number, and Address. This information is also called NAP. You need to publish or submit your ‘NAP’ with other relevant description on multiple directories. We call this process citation building.

Now, you have posted your business on multiple business directors. All the directories are showing the same information. Therefore, Search engines like Google and Bing start giving your business more preference. As a result, your business starts appearing to more users. Now, it is obvious to get more business.

Major Benefits of  Free Business Listings Sites in India are as follows:

  • More and more customers reach your business without knowing your business name.
  • Business listings have the capability to redirect customers to your website. Your business website can capture customer details.
  • Also, if you have paid subscription from the business directory, you can directory get the customer details.
  • Your business ranking increases gradually.

If you are taking the service of a professional digital marketer, it is his/her job to do. Or else you can also try to list your business on these Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India.

For your convenience, I have listed here the Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India. When you are starting with your business SEO, the below list is surely a great help to you. Do not forget to share with your friends.

Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India

  1. JustBaazaar.comI am placing my business directory on top as it is easy and have more features than any other free business listing site in India. Here, you can add photos, video, cover image, etc.
  2. – This is another easy to list of your business. However, the features are less as compared to
  3. – This free business listing site has got a good DA of 91, PA of 70. So, it is a great option to list your business.
  4. – This should be obvious to put Sulekha here considering the easiness in comparison to other business directories in India. however, the features are really less.
  5. – Once you list your business with IndiaMARTTa, you get some business from your free business listing as well. However, if you want more business, you need to have a paid subscription. The listing process is a little complex than other websites in its category.
  6. – This is similar to Indiamart and has got DA of 85 and PA of 71.
  7. – You will surely like this free business listing site for the cool look. It is a great option to list your business.
  8. – It is similar to Hotfrog and has got DA and PA of 38 and 49 respectively.
  9. – Even we have listed our business on this. The name itself suggests that it offers a free business listing in India. the DA and PA are 34 and 38 respectively.
  10. – It is one of the best business directories in the world. It will surely increase your online business presence.

So, as promised we have listed the Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India in this blog post. if you are aggressive about your business growth. There are many other things that professional digital marketers can do for you.

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