Hello, here we are going to give you brief information about packers movers in Bangalore city who can help you shift your home or office within Bangalore or to any corner of India and to any corner of the world also. In this post, you will also find Top 10 Packers and Movers in Bangalore City.

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  1. Reasons to Hire Packers and Movers
  2. How Movers and Packers Work
  3. The process of Hiring Moving and Packers
  4. Home Shifting
  5. Office Relocation Services
  6. Storage Warehouses
  7. Vehicle Moving
  8. Things You Should Do Yourself
  9. What is Full-Service Relocation?
  10. Planning and Finalising
  11. How to reduce moving cost?
  12. House Shifting Charges in Bangalore
  13. Major Location

Packers and Movers have become quite popular in India in recent years. Since families have become nuclear. Also, the working families or individuals have to relocate to different locations for professional opportunities, they need the services like packers and movers.

Top Movers and Packers in Bangalore
Top Movers and Packers in Bangalore

Not only individuals and families but also corporates and companies are required to relocate sometimes. When I am saying sometimes, it becomes a lot if we look at the number of companies and individuals. The Population of our city Bangalore has increased a lot since its introduction as an IT City or IT Hub.

Now, nobody has time and patience to wait for things to happen. Also, if we have services available, why not to use them.

Movers and packers have made relocation very easy. Movers and Packers are also called moving companies in India as well as in Bangalore.

More Than 45,00,000 movements are done by Packers and Movers in India and In Bangalore Itself, this figure has crossed 25,00,000.

Reasons You Should Go For a Reputed Packer & Mover:

    • They can do the packing and shifting within the time period which you ask them to. of course urgent services need more payment.
    • They use good quality packing material which ensures your items are safe and as cool as they were at the previous location.
    • These companies also provide insurance. If you lose some item or something is damaged, you get money.
    • 24 Hours Service so that you feel connected and can get the real-time tracking of your belongings.
    • Most of the companies are professional. We also recommend hiring a professional company for packing and moving.
    • Reputed packers and movers have locations in all cities for great customer service.
    • You can always call their toll free numbers.

How Movers and packers Work:

Movers and Packers make your relocation virtually stress free. If you are hiring a professional packer and mover, it means you are cutting down your relocation time dramatically.

First of all, most of the times it is not easy to move and pack yourself as most of the people are not able to arrange everything which is required to pack and transport.

When time is more important than the money you hire a packer and mover.
When it is not feasible for you to do it yourself, you hire a company to do so.

Packers and Movers in Bangalore will pack and load the whole household in a single day which you may not do in three days and that too with that expertise.

Therefore you decide to hire packers and movers. As we are writing this post for all the Bangalore people. Most of the people in Bangalore who need relocation services are professionals and have almost NIL time for all these things. This is the one reason movers and packers are in high demand in Bangalore and I am also writing this post for you all.

Here is how the process of hiring movers and packers works:

    1. First, they send their expert to survey your home or apartment to take a note of inventory of all your goods and items. This person will make note of everything small or big. Especially valuable items and the items which require special handling and extra care.Packers Movers Bangalore Handle with Care
    2. Once the survey is complete, they will provide you with the estimation of the charges along with the time period to finish the relocation completely.
    3. If you agree with their estimate, they will come on the day of your movement and will pack and load everything.


  1. They will reach your new destination, will unpack the things and will help you settle comfortably.

Home Shifting:

There is a good number of packers and movers who are expert in home shifting whether local or intercity or interstate. Many of them provide tailor-made house shifting solutions in Bangalore (Bengaluru). Go with a reliable and professional Movers and packers company.

Office Relocation Services:

We are sure most of the packers and movers in Bangalore are doing office relocation as well. We recommend you confirm this with them once in advance. Movers and Packers in Bengaluru are expert in office relocation services. They offer secure packing and moving services for office Shifting & Relocation at best price.

Long and Short Term Storage Services (Warehouse Service):

In Case you need to leave your current home or office and not yet finalised the new place or new home. I know it happens rarely. But in this case, you can store your belongings in the warehouse most of the packers and movers provide in Bangalore(Bengaluru).


Vehicle Moving (Car or Bike):

Do not worry about your lovely car or bike, most of the packers and movers will do that for you. If you have a car and moving in the country only, drive to the new place. It would be a great adventure and time pass as well.

Things You Should Do Yourself:

  • Even though Packers and Movers are experts, We are sure they cannot handle everything themselves.
  • Especially with your valuables and Shelves and drawers, you need to be present there and guide them. It is good on your side.
  • Please do some homework or planning and sell out things which do not need anymore. With this, you will make some money and will also save money on relocation.
  • Always go for full-service relocation, It costs a little more and gives greater convenience.


What is Full-Service Relocation:

Full-Service packing and moving are good for the people who have a tight work schedule and cannot at all pack their stuff and ship it out on their own. They find hiring someone for that task better.

Even though full-service relocation is costly, most of the people opt for it. Full Service means they will set your new home office completely. You just need to keep an eye.Relocation Full Service Packers and Movers Bangalore

Once full-service relocation is complete, you just make tea or cook food and take rest on the bed which is done by the packers and movers. I am not exaggerating the things. if you have never used full-service relocation, please know it is a great convenience for extra cost.


You should start planning beforehand. At least 15 days in advance.

Decide on a moving date.

Do Your Proper Homework as mentioned above.

Get Estimates from Leading Packers and Movers in Bangalore who has a branch in your new location as well.

Now, Do not only compare prices but also compare services. Quality and Their Behavior. We recommend you talk to Movers and Packers at least twice. If you find their behaviour good, then only proceed with them.

Finalise professional packers and movers.

Decide on Full-Service Relocation (Read Above) or not. We recommend full service.


How To Reduce Moving Costs?

The major thing is your moving date. If you plan your movement in advance, you have to pay less to packers and movers not only in Bangalore but applicable everywhere.

Pack Your Stuff Yourself. This is good if you have some free time daily on weekends. Just Google it and you will find packing material. Click Here to Find Store where you can get Packaging Material.

As suggested above, get rid of old or useless belongings. We are sure you have some old clothing, furniture items and some more items which you have not used in the last 365 days. ?

Ask Movers and Packers Company that if the quote is final or in case you have pay extra. Confirm it in advance. Tell them if you will pay them anything above the estimate.

If you follow this advice, you can avoid obnoxious surprises on the day of billing.

House Shifting Charges in Bangalore:

House Shifting or relocation charges cannot be mentioned. Becuase charges depend on the items and distance the company needs to cover. How much packaging material is required is also a factor. If you have a small household in Bangalore, they charges may range from 4000 – 6000.

Major Locations of Bangalore (Bengaluru):

Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road, BTM Layout, Domlur, Kormangala, Yelahanka, Sarjapur, RajajiNagar, RajajiNagar, Rajrajeshwari Nagar, R T Nagar, New Thipasandara, Old Airport Road, Madiwala, Mahadevapura, Kumaraswamy Layout, K R Puram, J P Nagar, Jayanagar, Indira Nagar, HSR Layout, Hebbal, Electronic City, Doddanekundi, C V Raman Nagar, etc