Summer Camp Aligarh | Summer camps have become popular in aligarh in recent times. People organize them for various activities by which students can learn something creative and useful.

TAMS Studies Summer Camp Aligarh

In the same endeavour, TAMS Studies organizes Summer camp every year for English Language Learning.

Learning for Everyone

In this Summer Camp in Aligarh, Students, Children, and even parents can learn and enjoy the English Langauge with great ease.

Knowledge of the English Language is Important

The importance of the English Language is not a secret anymore. It has become a basic need everywhere from homemaker to teacher, and from a jobseeker to a business owner. In this Summer camp in Aligarh, Everyone has something to learn.

What to Achieve

In this Summer Camp of English Language in Aligarh, we are going to focus on a large number of Sentence formats which are very useful in our daily life.

Benefits of The Summer Camp

Also, once you have a good knowledge of the English Language, you can score more in your academics, you can be more confident while expanding your business, you can assist your children with sound confidence.

So, this is the time to Learn English and Join the Summer Camp by TAMS Studies in Aligarh.

Contact Us

Address: TAMS Studies, 2nd Floor, A-One Homes, Chandaniya Compound, Centre Point, Aligarh, 202001
Landmark: Between Jassi Bakery and MilkBar Studio
Phone Number: 9411650207, 9759999231

Top Benefits of Summer Camp:

  1. Develops Lifelong Skills
  2. Promotes Independence
  3. Makes Time for Play
  4. Teaches Teamwork
  5. Teaches Resiliency
  6. Provides Fun Screen-Free Activities
  7. Encourages a Connection with Nature
  8. Fosters Growth
  9. Builds Self-Esteem
  10. Supports Healthy Living
  11. Nurtures Friendships
  12. Teaches Kids to Respect Differences
  13. Keeps Kids Intellectually Engaged
  14. Promotes Growth in a Safe Environment
  15. Gives Children a Sense of Purpose

TAMS Studies is the Best English Langauge Academy in Aligarh under the Mentoring of Suniltams English Guru

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