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What is a metaphor?

Unlike simile, metaphor (from the Greek language: meaning “transfer”) is language that directly compares seemingly unrelated subjects. It is a figure of speech that compares two or more things not using like or as. In the simplest case, this takes the form:

– is – Y

Examples of metaphor:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;

(William Shakespeare, As You Like It, 2/7)

36 Figures of Speech Types Simile Metaphor Etc With Examples
36 Figures of Speech Types Simile Metaphor Etc With Examples
Metaphor is a way of comparing two things. हा, metaphor दो चीजों को compare करने में  use किया जाता है.
It is not the only way of comparing two things. But it is an interesting way to compare things. One feature about metaphor is that it does not use the words like or as to compare things. अब आप सोचेंगे की ऐसा कैसे possible है. तो चलिए में आपको एक example से समझाता हु.
And the example is: Ben was a Cheetah in the race today. I am repeating: Ben was a Cheetah in the race today.
In this sentence, Ben is Compared to Cheetah, यहाँ ben को cheetah से compare किया गया है. And absolutely without using like and as in the sentence.
From this, we can say that metaphor helps you in comparing two things without using Like or as.
We can also say that Metaphors are the comparisons without using like or as.
चलिए एक और example देख लेते है…
The snow was a white blanket on the ground. Here the snow is compared to the White blanket.
Let’s Watch some more examples of Metaphor:
He is a shining star.
You are my sunshine.
The sun is a golden ball.
The classroom was a zoo.
My teacher is a dragon.
He is a night owl.
He is a walking dictionary.
That lawn is a green carpet.
So, with these examples, we can conclude that metaphor is a way of speaking a sentence without using as or like for comparing two things.
So with this, I think आपको Metaphor समझ आ गया है, Post अच्छी लगी हो तो post को like करें। ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगो के साथ share करें।  कोई भी confusion है तो comment करके हमसे जरूर पूछे। और ऐसे ही मजेदार English के lessons के लिए Tams studies को Subscribe करें।


List of Figures of Speech in the English Language – Literary Devices

Accumulation Climax Metalepsis
Adjunction Dysphemism Metaphor
Adnomination Ellipsis Metonymy
Alliteration Euphemism Simile
Allusion Epigram Synecdoche
Anaphora Epiphora (or epistrophe) Tautology
Antanaclasis Hyperbole Understatement
Anticlimax Hypophora Zeugma and syllepsis
Antiphrasis Irony
Antithesis Litotes
Apostrophe Oxymoron
Assonance Personification
Cataphora Puns
Chiasmus Merism

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What is a Metaphor? | Figure of Speech