Hello Dear Friends, I have faced this issue couple of times. My genuine websites got blocked on Facebook. I could not post anything from my websites. Also, I could not mention the URL of my websites.

Steps To Unblock Your Website On Facebook

Ultimately, I have got something by which I could get my websites unblocked by Facebook.

the procedure was not easy initially.

However, I now find it quite easy.

Anything which you do not know is thought and after knowing the same, it becomes easy.

So, let’s go to the steps.

First, whenever you post something on Facebook, you get a Red Alert. Along with that Alert, you have an option which says “Let us know”.

So, you have to click on that option.

You will get one box where you can write the issue in short and submit.

If facebook feels good, your website will be unblocked. 

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However, there is no way you can feel if someone is working on your request or not. Most of the times, these are bots working for almost everything on the sites like Facebook.

Ultimate Way to Get Your Website Unblocked

You should have a business account and ad account id.

First, visit https://www.facebook.com/business/help

Note that for this to work, you might need an Ads Manager account.

If you don’t have one – go ahead and create one now.

Scroll down on this page and click the Get Started button under ‘Find answers or contact support’.


On the next page, choose Policy & Account Security from the options available.

Select ‘Policy & Account Security’

So Facebook doesn’t actually have an option for what we want to do.

But this is where we start to make some progress!

Scroll down on the next page and choose ‘Chat with a representative’.

Yes, please!

Live chat?!

They don’t give that option to standard Facebook users!

This will open a basic form that you can use to describe your problem.

Here you must submit the relevant details and hopefully, you will your website unblocked by Facebook.

Happy Blogging!