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Let’s Learn Prepositions

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Let’s Learn Prepositions. 1

Definitions of Preposition. 1

Important Notes about prepositions: 1

  1. Preposition is always used before a noun/pronoun. 1
  2. Preposition cannot be followed by a verb. 1

List of prepositions: 1

These are called phrasal prepositions: 2

Some important prepositions: 3

Definitions of Preposition

  1. A preposition is a word which is used to show the position of a noun or pronoun in a sentence. – Suniltams English Guru.
  2. Prepositions are the words which show the relation or a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence.
  3. Prepositions are used before the nouns or pronouns in the sentences.

Important Notes about prepositions:

1.      Preposition is always used before a noun/pronoun.

2.      Preposition cannot be followed by a verb.

List of prepositions:

  1. In – time and place
  2. On – time and place
  3. At – time and place
  4. Over
  5. Below
  6. Under
  7. Beneath
  8. Underneath
  9. Beside
  10. Besides
  11. Beyond
  12. Yond
  13. Above
  14. Behind
  15. Among
  16. Amid
  17. Across
  18. About
  19. Along
  20. Aloud
  21. Between
  22. Inside
  23. Outside
  24. Within
  25. Without
  26. Of
  27. With
  28. Towards
  29. To
  30. Into
  31. Onto
  32. Up to
  33. Since
  34. For
  35. From
  36. During
  37. While
  38. Ago
  39. Before
  40. After
  41. Off
  42. By
  43. Opposite

While it is really easy to understand and use the prepositions, it is important to understand the combinations of prepositions with various verbs.

These are called phrasal prepositions:

  1. Along with
  2. Put on
  3. Because of
  4. By means of
  5. For the sake of
  6. In favour of
  7. In accordance with
  8. In addition to
  9. In the case of
  10. In the course of
  11. With reference to
  12. With regard to
  13. In respect to
  14. In place of
  15. In spite of
  16. Owning to
  17. In comparison to
  18. Instead of
  19. According to

There are many more. I advise you to make a list and practice all of them.

Some important prepositions:

  1. ‘At’ is used for precise momentary time and for open small places. Also, when a position of something is not clear.
  2. ‘In’ is used for surrounded things or surrounded time.
  3. ‘On’ is used for days, dates, for something which is put above in touch.

Suniltams English Guru

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