‘People who give excuses never become success’ tries to encourage you to stop giving excuses and move forward to achieve your dreams.

  “Excuses will always be there for you but opportunities won’t”.

Successful people don’t make excuses, they know that to become successful they must do what needs to be done, whether they feel like doing it or not.
Our response to a situation determines our fate. Either we give an excuse of not having resources or we grab the opportunity and make it a success. Real-life gives lots of examples of people lacking resources doing great in their lives. 
People give excuses that they are physically disabled. There are many people in this world who have achieved great success despite being physically disabled because they have the commitment to do something.
  • Nick Vujicic: Nick was born without limbs for no reason. He knew he was different. Today he is an international motivational speaker. He says that no matter the circumstances you can overcome. 
  • Arunima Sinha is an Indian mountain climber and sportswoman. She is the world first amputee to climb Mount Everest. She was thrown out of a running train by some robbers in 2011. She is a perfect example of how any person can achieve anything in life if there is commitment.

I don’t have the time or I can’t afford it. 

Meet Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft says ” if you are born poor its not your mistake but if you die poor its definitely your mistake”. 
The moment you say that you can’t afford something, you are closing off your mind to new possibilities.
I don’t have the education and I’m not smart enough
Meet Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is a college dropout.
Steve Jobs, who is the founder of apple, never completed formal education.
Knowledge is not power. Rather it’s only potential power. Real power is the ability to execute and take massive action.
Now isn’t the right time for me
Meet Anu Kumari, who qualified civil services exam in her first attempt after having a child. She had to live separately from her child for 2 years to prepare for the exam.

Most people afraid of taking a  risk and falling

Alex Honnold is an American solo climber who has climbed many peaks without any support.
Niket Dalal, who has become the first blind person to complete the Ironman race recently.

I’m afraid of what other people will think of me.

We have seen the ‘Dangal’ movie. Meet Babita, who got a medal for India, was first taunted for being a girl. Now she is a motivation for many.
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, missile man our country, the former president often says “Dreams are not those which you see in sleep, Dreams are those which do not let you sleep ”. He is the finest example of a successful person who achieve success despite many problems.
What can be a better example than our ‘Guruji’, who is reading this email, despite getting so many failures in life, is a source of inspiration.

Giving excuse is running out of our responsibility.

Our life is our responsibility.
Getting success means different things for different people.
I believe becoming successful is becoming what we are made to become. It is not about becoming somebody else.
It is about living life to maximum potential.
Every moment provides an opportunity to be successful by living every moment to our best. Ultimately it is our choice whether to give an excuse or to grab the opportunity.

“Death comes, it does not mean you stop living. Failure comes, it does not mean you stop trying “.

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