OCOCOC-One City One Category One Client. It is a Revolutionary of by which you can create a Blue Ocean Strategy in favour of your Business. Watch Video and Learn More.


Things You Would Like to Consider Before Going with JustBaazaar

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OCOCOC-One City One Category One Client

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JustBaazaar Online Business Promotion Proposal

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Talk to Us About How Can You Rule Your Business Category In Your City

Rule Your Business Category in Your City

Become Unbeatable In your Business Category

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How Can You Rule Your Business Category in Your City | Sunil Chaudhary | JustBaazaar


Opportunities Do Not Come Again and Again – JustBaazaar Is Giving You This Chance. Make The Most of The OCOCOC Offer. JustBaazaar Is a Leading Business Directory and Online Business Promotion Company Around the world.

Have faith in us and Proceed with us.

Some Payment You have to Make in Advance, Then there is some monthly Payment. It is the Most Luxurious Business Promotion Plan You Have Ever Seen.

What JustBaazaar Is Going To Do For Your Business? Benefits For Your Business

  1. Complete Business Listing
  2. Content Marketing – Additional Charges
  3. All Leads Sharing and Tracking
  4. Unlimited Photo Promotion
  5. Unlimited Video Promotion
  6. Up to 15 Graphics Per Month
  7. Press Release
  8. Social Media Optimization
  9. Social Media Promotion
  10. Google Ads
  11. Facebook Ads
  12. Website Designing – Additional Charges
  13. Website SEO Optimization
  14. Logo Designing
  15. QR Code
  16.  Google My Business Optimization
  17. Directory Submissions
  18. Custom Videos – Additional Charges
  19. Ad Films and Corporate Movies – Additional Charges
  20. 360 Degree Video – Additional Charges
  21. Everything For Your Online Success – Additional Charges

What you have to do to achieve this?

  1. Sharing Complete Business Information with us at our Email – info@justbaazaar.com
  2. We Share Photos and Complete Information Regularly
  3. Sharing Videos Regularly
  4. We Share your expectations and Feedback Regularly
  5. Timely Payment*
  6. Positive Attitude Towards Our Work
  7. Let us know about the happenings, events, and celebrations happening at your business
  8. Inform us about all the offers we can share on Social Media
  9. Everything Else you want to let us know

Start Promoting Your Business Online Today. Call us or write to us.

Sunil Chaudhary

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OCOCOC-One City One Category One Client




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