Are you looking for the right candidate to lead Aligarh towards progress and prosperity? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Meet Prashant Singhal, the BJP candidate for Mayor in Aligarh 2023.

Prashant Singhal Mayor Candidate Aligarh 2023

Prashant Singhal is a well-known figure in Aligarh who has made a name for himself as a successful hardware business owner, exporter, and cold storage owner. He has contributed significantly to the development of Aligarh, and his experience in business and entrepreneurship makes him the ideal candidate to lead Aligarh towards progress.

Prashant Singhal has been actively involved in politics and has served as a councillor in the Aligarh Municipal Corporation. He has worked tirelessly for the betterment of Aligarh, and his efforts have been recognized by the people of Aligarh.

In the 2018 Pokhar Land Gular Road controversy, Prashant Singhal played a crucial role in resolving the issue and ensuring that justice was served. His dedication and commitment to the people of Aligarh have made him a popular figure in the city.

If elected as the Mayor of Aligarh, Prashant Singhal plans to focus on developing infrastructure, creating job opportunities, and promoting education. His vision is to make Aligarh a model city that other cities can emulate.

With his experience in business and entrepreneurship, Prashant Singhal is the right person to attract investors to Aligarh and create job opportunities for the youth of the city. He also plans to promote education by setting up new schools and colleges and providing scholarships to deserving students.

In the upcoming Aligarh election, Prashant Singhal is the best choice for the people of Aligarh who want to see their city develop and progress. His dedication, commitment, and vision for the city make him the ideal candidate to lead Aligarh towards a bright future.

Stay tuned for more Aligarh news and election updates, as we bring you the latest information on the Aligarh Mayor election 2023.

Meet Prashant Singhal - BJP Candidate for Mayor in Aligarh 2023

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