Below is the letter was written to UP-RERA accepting their order in Wave One Noida case. I am sure you can use the sentence format and other vocabularies from the sample letter below. Also, you can have the address of UP-RERA Uttar Pradesh with ZIP Code

Letter to UP RERA for Accepting the Order

Dated: 03/03/2021


Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority
Naveen Bhavan, Rajya Niyojan Sansthan
KalaKankar House, Old Hyderabad
Lucknow – 226007, Uttar Pradesh.

Subject – UP-RERA order accepted

Respected Ma’am,

This is regarding the below mentioned cases in which Hon’ble UP-RERA has issued the order and disposed of the cases.

  • NCR144/08/XXXXX/2020 
  • NCR144/08/XXXXX/2020 
  • NCR144/08/XXXXX/2020 

As per the order, we are supposed to get the handover of our units booked with Wave One, Noida within a month, along with the delay penalty of @12% p.a. As per our observation, the construction of our booked units is still way behind. It seems practically impossible for them to give us possession within a month. Therefore, we humbly request Hon’ble UP-RERA to get the site surveyed by one of your engineers. If possible, we would like to accompany the engineer during the survey. 

We further request Hon’ble UP-RERA to ask Wave One to provide us with a final date of possession. Additionally, we request you to ask Wave One to provide us with a separate cheque for the penalty as ordered.

We hereby assure Hon’ble UP-RERA that we will make timely payments for all the demands raised by Wave One for our units at the earliest possible.

We are highly grateful to you for issuing orders in our cases.

For FIRM Infrastructure Development Company Limited

XXXX Agarwal
Managing Director