The below letter was written to a real estate customer because he was not paying the bank instalments. So, the real estate developer decided to cancel the unit and wrote the below letter. Use this sample letter in your writings. Write your questions/queries in the comment section so that I can address your concerns.

Letter to Real Estate Customer to Cancel the Unit Booking

Sample Letter to Cancel the Booking of Residential Unit in case of non-payment

Dated: 23/02/2021


Mr XXXXXX Singh S/o XXXXXX Singh
Vill + Post – XXXXXX, Jasrana
XXXXXX, Uttar Pradesh – XXXXX

Subject – Regarding the cancellation of your subject unit in XXXXXXXX

Dear Mr XXXX Singh,

Kindly refer to your dues towards your subject unit X-XX-C, XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX, XXXXX. Kindly note that you have not been paying our dues for a long time despite repeated reminder/letters/phone calls. The current outstanding towards your subject unit stands at Rs. 5,74,908. Also, a huge amount of interest has been accrued up towards the late payment charges towards your subject unit. 

It is also in our information that you have not been paying outstanding pre-EMIs of the bank loan availed by you on this subject unit by Punjab National Bank. The bank is regularly following us to invoke the terms and conditions of the Tripartite Agreement(TPA) signed between us. This will force us to cancel your subject unit and return the amount received by us from the bank against the home loan payments of your subject unit. 

You are hereby requested to clear the dues of our company and the bank with seven days of receipt of this letter or else your subject unit will be cancelled by us, and 10% of BSP plus Interest and incidental charges thereupon will be deducted from your account by us.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

For XXXXXXX Infrastructure Development Company Limited

XXXXX Agarwal
Managing Director

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