Hi, the below letter is written to Mercedez Benz as the owner is dissatisfied with the kind of defects the vehicle S-Class is showing. You can use the letter format, vocabulary as per your writing needs in your letter or email.

Letter to Mercedes Benz For Free Parts Replacement Formal Letter Writing Skills

Dear XXXX Malhotra,

We, XXXXX Infrastructure Development Company Limited, have been your customer for a long time. Earlier, we had C Class and as of now, we have S-Class and CL-45 models. This enforces how much faith we have been showing in the brand. Apart from Mercedes, we are proud owners of a range of vehicles like Audi, Mini, Toyota, etc.

However, the kind of issues that are coming up in S-class are quite dissatisfactory and leading to great frustration in the matter. Our S-Class has run only 35000 km and already shows too many defects. This is something we do not expect from the flagship model of Mercedes Benz. These seem to be manufacturing defects. We request you to consider our request on a sincere note to replace the parts for free of cost

For your flagship product S-Class which is also one of the most trusted models of yours, generally, these parts are known to last at least 50000 miles (80467 km). For Your Reference – MBCoralGables.

The S-Class is already at your service centre (Global Star). We hope to get it done today.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.



Follow Up Email In this Matter was sent after two days 

Dear MB Team,

As we have already stated in the below email, we have been a loyal and privileged customer of Mercedes Benz. Our current vehicle S-Class is the third one from Mercedes among the range of cars we own.

As you can see below email that the kind of defects that have come up with Actuator and Brake Disks in S-Class are quite unexpected. This is something that disturbs our faith in your brand.

We understand normal wear and tear which occurs as a vehicle gets old or runs more. However, the problem with Actuator and Brake Disks is quite disheartening when our S-Class has run only 35000 km. We have read and understood that these parts last for 50000 miles. Actuator lasts much more.

So, we strongly feel that there has been some manufacturing defect with these parts as they are word and defected so early.

We request the MB team to replace these parts for free so that our trust is fortified in the brand once and we stay associated and keep buying more cars from you.

We are looking for a positive and favourable response in this matter.