I would say going to Kota is not necessary. However if a child/student has made up his/her mind that he/she can get success by going to Kota only, do not stop.
But the fact is, there are good teachers in every city who has taught in Kota and possess great experience, they have taught and mentored many to get top ranks in IIT and NEET Entrance Exams.

Now, many of these mentors and teachers have come to their respective cities and sharing their knowledge.

Let’s consider the success rate. if a Kota Institute is having 1000 Students and 10 Students are getting success, and on the other side your hometown Coaching has 100 Students and 10 Students are getting success, Tell me which coaching is better.

But the Situation is Kota Coaching has 10000 Students and 100 are getting success and Your Hometown coaching has 100 Students and 10 are getting success. You need to understand that coachings are somewhat similar.

If you go number wise, Kota coaching has more successful Students. But Please see they have 900 unsuccessful Students also.

On the contrary, your hometown coaching has only 90 unsuccessful students.

My point is that you should not get blind by the name of Kota, See if you good coaching nearby or in a nearby city.

In Case of Aligarh, I would say our Aligarh is not less than Kota in terms of Quality and Standard of Coaching.

There are many good Coaching Centres. Check The link below for more information:


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Below Excerpts Are from Quora:

“Believe in yourself. That is where true success lies beneath”

From the past decades, Kota has emerged as a popular coaching destination for competitive exams preparation. Kota is popularly referred to as “The coaching capital of India”. Over 1.5 lakh students from all over the country flock every year towards the city for preparation of various exams such as AIPMT/NEET-UG, IIT-JEE.

Students preparing in Kota has to experience hectic schedule and survive on messy food. According to Kota police’s records, Every month at least one student commits suicide as they find themselves unable to cope with the pressure. They feel nostalgic and depressed, as at the age group of 14–16 they have to stay away from parents. For the same cause, many coaching centres have also appointed counsellors to help students.

Students are divided on the basis of ranks in classes which in turn create discrimination among students. This does not help in the growth of students, as the weak student is in the company of weak student. Bunch of doctors are there in Kota who focus on only intelligent students.

Kota was the only choice for students when there was no guidance, no good teachers nearby to teach, no other option or coaching institutions to prepare.

Allen has got the most number students (It also has a Guinness World record to show for it :P) This bring a very tough competition from around the country in one centre let alone the other ones. This competition is also a double sided sword, if take positively then it could be really inspiring but on another hand could also cause severe depression. It can truly be said that it is not for those having weak will power.

Secondly, Allen is one of the institutes with huge resources so they can gather the best faculty from around the country, therefore the quality of faculty does not drop that much from batch 1 to 10 as compared to other institutes and they also have huge experience in Medical to compliment it.

Finally, I would say that if you are leaving your home town and really Determined to achieve your goal then Kota is the best place but it’s easier said than done