Here, we have texts about the importance of Yagya/Havan for the Society and Humans. If you really understand, please try to do Yagya Daily.

Importance of Yagya Havan

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Importance of Yagya

Yagya we also called HAWAN it helps for mental peace and well being.

* The effect of Yagya helps to conserve the eco-system,
* It purifies the atmosphere.
* It helps to kill and destroy many disease-causing and also help to remove the air, water and soil pollution.
* It is a scientific experiment which special herbs (‘Samagree’) are offered to the fire.
* It helps in cleansing the environment.
* Fire is one of the elements our body is composed of, so Yagya acts as a link between human and god.

Above Text Is Written by Swati Rana, A Student from TAMS Studies English Language Academy Aligarh

Difference Between Yagya And Havan – Importance of Yagya Havan

Yagya and Havana are different from each other. Havan is performed for purity, health, long life and internal growth. Havana is the best procedure to develop love, feelings and ignite respect towards natural assets, to understand one’s thought and feelings and to think of the welfare’s of others. These can only be developed by consistently performing Havan. It helps you to beautify your whole being. It also helps one to get rid of any evil spirit and ghosts. It makes God and Goddess happy and all your problems are removed by performing Havan. It helps you to get rid of selfishness, proud and bad habits. If you’re suffering from marriage problem, then you can perform, marriage problem eradication Yagya.

Yagya is a procedure of Yoga which is completed in the heart only by the blessings of Lords. It is a navel point, which helps to bind the whole universe. It connects with the energies present in the entire universe, entire creation, all minds and soul. Through Yagya, all energies meant for worldly happiness can be attracted. It is performed for worldly and otherworldly welfare. The basis of Yagya is to create a happy, peaceful life by visible and invisible support. There are different types of Yagya for different problems. Astro Vedic Yagya, Divine Yagya, Yagya for a special purpose and Yagya especially for you. Yagya is especially performed for attaining happiness in life. It is also performed for removing sorrows and unwanted fears from life. Yagya can also be performed before starting something new in life.

We at TAMS perform all the above-mentioned Yagya for the well being and success in each sphere of life.

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