How to Share Location on WhatsApp? It is one of the most asked questions all over the world. Although the function is quite easy, new smartphone users may find it difficult to find it for the first time. Once they know, it is the easiest thing to do.

How to Share Location on WhatsApp?

Why do we need to share WhatsApp location?

Believe me, it is one of the best and useful features of WhatsApp.

Suppose, my friend is visiting me in my city. He has never been to my city. So, it is obvious he is not familiar with the location, roads, ways, etc of my city.

If I leave him on his own just by telling him my address. He would surely be facing lots of inconveniences.

Not only this, he will have to ask many people again and again.

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Overall it is quite frustrating. We all used to do that earlier.

However, now the technology has evolved a lot.

When I share my location with my friend, he can open that and find directions to my location easily. He will not be required to ask anyone and will not face any such inconvenience in this matter.

So, with my short example, you understand the importance of sharing location on WhatsApp.

Let’s find out how to share location on WhatsApp.

  1. First, open any contactin WhatsApp
  2. Then, click on the attachment sign
  3. Click on the location option
  4. You have two options. One is the live Location, another one is the current location. Choose the Current Location which is applicable most of the times. You can share Live Location when you want the other person to see your movement
  5. Your Location is shared
  6. Contact will click on it and will see your location
  7. Your contact will have the option to find directions.

That is all. It is super easy.

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