You can become successful in business if develop a sound understanding of the two below-mentioned things.

  • First, provide something your customers want to buy at the price they wish to pay
  • Second, reach more customers with your offer.

Most of the times entrepreneurs start a business because they are sound at what they do. They find themselves capable, competent, and brilliant at the business they pursue. They keep a good understanding of their business field and they are willing to supply what is required.

The most tricky part of growing your business is quite tricky. The thing is how to reach more and more customers with your offering in hand. It means how to promote your business.

In this post, today, I am going to share some ming blowing yet quite easy tips to promote your business. Moreover, you do not need any specific skills or expertise. You can implement all the tips right away with great ease.

Should you need more ways to reach your potential customers, you are in the right place.

Let me share the top 20 proven easy ways to promote your business.

1. Start Using ‘Call to Actions’ in your team members’ Email Signatures.

There is no doubt office people exchange plenty of email communications daily. However, we rarely realize the opportunities we have in the email in terms of business promotion.

The emails we exchange hold great potential of promoting our business, however, not with traditional signatures. Few people care about the designations and quotes we include in your email signatures.

So, what is needed in your email signature? A Big Obvious Call to Action Button

Notice how well this CTA (Call to Action) is standing out and attracting attention.

Therefore, you should start seeing your email signatures as a great marketing tool. They are actually dynamic ways of introducing your amazing products or services to your potential customers.

For your single email setup, you may use something above mentioned via your email client. However, if you wish to roll this feature out to your complete team. you may use an app like SIGSTR. This app allows you to manage signatures and rollout campaigns for your entire team.

2. Set Up A Google My Business Account

Many still think of Google as a search engine. However, it is also a leading business directory. As a business owner, you must take advantage of these free offerings from Google. There are many benefits of setup up Google My Business as mentioned below.

  • Your business appears in local searches on maps and google
  • It is quite helpful in Search engine Optimization
  • You can get more ratings and cool reviews. These reviews are very helpful in acquiring new customers.
  • Good and more reviews help you earn the top spot on Google Search. However, the GMB listing should be backed by sound SEO.
GMB Ranking for Keyword
GMB Ranking for Keyword

These Local listings are appearing on Top spots in Google Search Request due to the Good Reviews and Sound SEO. Please note Reviews and proper SEO, are required to rank in Top Spots.

Also note, your GMB listing is the base listing for your all online listings and citations. A very important thing to keep in mind is to maintain consistency in terms of a NAP.

What is a NAP?

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number of your business.

3. Audit Your Online NAPs

As I have already explained that NAPs are your business information of Name, Address, and phone number. Sometimes this information is referred to as citations.

MOZ, which holds huge authority in the SEO World cites in the Top 6 Foundational Ranking Factors for search engines that 3 are related to NAPs. NAPs in terms of quantity, quality, and consistency. And out of the top 13 Competitive Difference Makers, 6 are attached to NAPs.

So, please ensure that all of your online citations and business listings are in sync with your Google My Business Listing. You can also hire GMB experts at JustBaazaar.

We give this Image Credit to Moz

If any of the details in any of your online listings and citations are not the same as it is listed in your Google My Business listing, then you might not be “rewarded” by search engines and it could also damage your search engine ranking.

So, we advise you to keep a record of all online listings and citations in your excel/google sheet. You can also utilize the services offered by JustBaazaar. JB teams offer in-depth information about NAP audits and how to do them

4. Set Up a Joint Venture

As I have already mentioned that promoting your business means taking it in front of your potential customers in the most appropriate way. You can look for an existing audience that may have the right customers and put your best offer in front of them.

In some cases, you can do it via advertising, but an even better option in the short term is to partner with your non-competing businesses marketing to the same people as you are. It is a bit tough but worth trying and advantageous.

Joint Ventures are a brilliant method to get more and more customers in a short time. For Example, let’s take Ankur Nagpal from teachable. He started teachable in 2014 and did not have more than 20 customers in the first 6 months. Once they created Join Venture, they grew at a very fast pace.

Nagpal has listed a few examples of joint ventures they’ve since used in their marketing strategies, one of them is a simple affiliate partnership with marketer Melyssa Griffin. Teachable gave Melyssa a promotional tracking link in addition to a 50% commission on every sale.

5. Create An Email Marketing Setup

These days you cannot avoid Email Marketing as it is the cornerstone of online marketing.

Email‘ has been around us for a very long time if we see from a technical standpoint. So, it has proved itself as a great communication tool and ranks on top as one itself. Moreover, the conversion ratio of Email Marketing is better than any other source of marketing.

Global Business Leaders still find Email Marketing as a leading marketing expense.

With email marketing, you can nurture your leads with great and attractive information over a period of time. You can build funnels. Keep your potential buyers connected with useful communications and free offerings.

So, create something really valuable which you can offer for FREE. When you have this, you can exchange this with the visitor’s email address and contact information. Digital Info Products are best for this kind of purpose.

The next step in email marketing is to create a series of emails that you should design to introduce to your new leads. This way you are establishing your authority in front of your new lead and in your industry as well. You can also deliver educational value through your emails.

We can set up Almost FREE Email Marketing for your business.

6. Offer a Free or Discounted Service

You can analyze your business model and develop a free offering or service. This way you will be able to draw more and new customers to your business. If your free offering is giving you some loss, it may be very worthy in the future as you are pulling a great market share.

You can easily that e-commerce stores have been hugely successful by offering initial discounts. See, Swiggy, Zomato, and other food delivery services in addition to Amazon.

Here is an example from JustBaazaar.

Free Business Listing Site
Free Business Listing Site

Other examples are free software, free trials, etc. This is something you can easily understand by a little pondering over this thought. Let your customers experience your products or services before they actually pay for them. This strategy has been outstanding and very rewarding.

7. Share Precious Knowledge on Webinars

You can collect a good number of contact information about your potential customers by giving online webinars or offline workshops related to your services and products. Make sure, these webinars/workshops should add value to your potential customers.

You need to research a bit about where your potential buyers are hanging. Then, you can set up a meeting, workshop or a meeting.

In these webinars, share some amazing knowledge or tips which your audience should find value-adding. And, do not forget to market your paid products or relevant paid products.

You can use or any other platform you find sufficient for your purpose.

8. Ask for Reviews

A good number of your website visitors visit your website after reading positive reviews and maximum of those trust reviews as they might have got a recommendation from a real person.

Reviews for sure build trust and credibility for your business. Reviews carry a lot of weight. Try to use reviews/testimonials on your homepage or your website’s about page. Reviews also increase your search engine ranking as search engines like Reviews. Overall, traffic increases on your website, and chances of revenue growth also do.

For getting more reviews, you can use Google My Business or JustBaazaar Listing. Both work well. The benefit of JustBaazaar Paid Listing is JB Team takes care of the entire online business presence and you just keep an eye if all is going well or not.

9. Comment on Blogs in your Niche

When you leave comments on the blogs in your niche, it helps rank your content on search engines in a better way.

  1. When you leave a comment, the website is reputable, search engines have more probability to pick that content and will rank your website higher than ever. It is due to the association you created via the link in your relevant comment.
  2. Your relevant comment may impress your next potential customer who finds your comment impressive because of its content. They click your website.
  3. Adding valuable and relevant comments on other blogs of your niche help build relationships with bloggers and others in your niche, which can very well open doors to possible joint ventures.

10. Do it Better than your Competitors

Copying good things from your competitors is fine. However, if you are looking for real results and better growth, you need to outdo your competition. The same fundamental applies to business promotion.

When comes to promotion, the top of the top two get most of the business. You can OCOCOC Strategy to tap most of your market. OCOCOC is one of the best Online Marketing Strategies. It also gives you numerous workflow automation tools. FREE Website, Social Media Work at highly discounted prices, and much more. Get OCOCOC Today HERE.

11. Write a Few Good Appealing Guest Posts

It is one of the most advantageous methods of promoting your brand. Guest Post means you write on another website and they publish your post to their audience.

Guest Post may not fetch you any traffic, it has sound benefits mentioned below:

  1. You will be able to introduce yourself as an authority
  2. Get follow and high authority backlinks to your own website
  3. You will be able to reach more people with your brand
  4. Possibilities of Joint Venture Increases
  5. You can link to a few people who would like to return the favor

Benefits of Guesting Posting also in the below image

12. Harness the power of Facebook Articles

You can harness the power of Facebook instant articles to build value, credibility, and brand awareness. The benefits of Facebook Instant Articles for your reference are:

  1. Low Bounce Rate and Fast Load Time
  2. Chance to Money Making
  3. Control over your branding
  4. Integration with Google Analytics
  5. Integration with the content on your WordPress website

13. Use Visual Power of Media

Visual Content as always appeals more. It is one of the best methods to increase your social presence.

  1. Create Visual Graphical Content relevant to your business
  2. Try to keep the images high quality
  3. Establish conversation with your customers
  4. Tap the power of trending hashtags and current events
  5. To be efficient, use Canva or a similar tool
  6. The best is to hire a team of experts as you need to focus on your business.

14. Create Highly Engaging Content

Top Blogs all over the world make Huge Incomes. Users love reading online content. In order to tap more in this, you need to create content that addresses your potential customers.

For Example, if you have a jewelry showroom. you need to write exemplary posts about jewelry, latest designs, price updates, etc

15. Always Promote Your Content

Promoting your content directly promotes your brand and services. It is better than directly promoting your services.

The best ways to promote your content are as follows:

  1. Email Notifications to your subscribers
  2. Share it on your social media pages
  3. Do not forget to share with Reddit and other community sites like quora
  4. Use the best and efficient paid channels
  5. Answer Quora questions frequently
  6. There are many more ways.

Answer of QUORA by JustBaazaar Team

16. Implement Search Engine Optimization

JustBaazaar has a strong SEO plan called OCOCOC. Or, you can adopt any other method. However, SEO is a part of online business promoting which you should not ignore. Paying for SEO or Doing SEO is a very profitable thing as it gets more and very affordable traffic to your business which otherwise costs a lot.

Optimize your website for SEO. Search Engines will start ranking your website. You can hire the JB team for that as well.

SEO Organic Result for JustBaazaar Best Business Directory India
SEO Organic Result for JustBaazaar Best Business Directory India

17. Participate in Community Events

Yes, participation in community events needs time and sometimes a good amount of money. However, in long run, it is only beneficial and increases your brand presence.

We may live in a digital era, however, promoting your business in your local events is still a great way to grow your business.

18. Exhibit At Trade Shows

This is a little costly affair when your business is in the growing stage and you may hesitate to do this. However, try to make a budget and experiment with this. Marketing experts say that Trade SHows give a unique value to your business.

19. Join a Paid Membership in your field/niche

If there is a group or community which requires a paid membership and you believe your potential customers are there, there is no harm in doing that. Paid memberships show your sincerity and commitment to your business. It creates a level of trust naturally.

So, feel free to join local business groups, paid clubs, course communities, etc

20. Pay for Advertising

All of the above methods to grow your business are really beneficial. But who can deny the quick and consistent growth you get from paid advertising.

There are many methods of paid advertising online as well as offline.

  1. The best and cheapest and most effective is OCOCOC.
  2. Pay Per Click – PPC
  3. Television Ads
  4. Local Banners, Newspapers, etc

Most business owners find services like OCOCOC very useful in getting more customers. Many business owners believe search ads are effective and many others find paid social media ads useful.

Paid advertising requires good expertise to get real results. Additionally, some experimentation to find the right channels. This is a common promotion activity that businesses outsource to agencies like JustBaazaar.


This information was given to you in order to help you promote your business. The content was developed by the Marketing experts and also borrowed from Expert websites.

All the methods mentioned in this blog are found to be helpful. However, a lot of trial and error is included. So, get started and promote your business right away.

Sunil Chaudhary Best Digital Marketing Expert for your business
Sunil Chaudhary

Sunil Chaudhary – Founder JustBaazaar. I am a digital marketer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. I am here to help businesses grow at their best with help of OCOCOC and Digital Marketing. We also create a Complete Online Presence for our clients.

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