This is surprising to know that people ask How To Handle a Wife? Why do you need to handle your wife? Why? Read this post which talks about my experience and how I have fared in this matter.

How to Handle Wife Easily

I got married in 2009. Before and After that, I have been continuously getting to know that it is hard to handle wives. Also, husbands become slaves to their wives.

Seems, this is a big social problem on a broader level. And, I believe we have lots of misunderstanding in this matter. Therefore, I am writing this post about How to Handle a Wife?

No, You Cannot Handle Your Wife?

Yes, you cannot handle your wife. The wife is not a vehicle or some material to be handled. If you are trying to handle her, it will become more and more difficult to handle her because you can not handle her and you should not try to do it. 

The situation becomes worse when husband and wife both are trying to handle each other. Guys, we cannot handle people let alone wives. We can not handle living beings. Love Your Wife and Take Good Care

We can handle the situation.

Yes, you can do many things to handle a particular situation but you can not handle your wife or anyone else for that matter. Yes, we handle feel when they are sick or week. That is a different situation. 

So, What should we do?

Well, in particular, we should not do anything. We just need to fulfill our duties with honesty and sincerity. Take care of your wife as you do with your other loved ones. Like you take care of your mother, father, and your children. In the same way, you can take care of your spouse. 

Also, wives can follow the same strategy. Spouses need to understand each other, respect each other, love each other, and do not ever impose their thinking and beliefs on the other one. Believe me, there will never be a need to handle each other and that is not even possible. So, I hope the message is clear.

Keep the Points in Mind – Lead a Happy Family Life

  1. Understand Each Other
  2. Respect Each Other
  3. Love Each Other
  4. Do Not Impose Your Thinking on The Other
  5. Accept the Differences
Pamper Your Wife How to Handle a Wife
Spouses Caring for Each Other

These 5 easy and simple tips will make your home/family heaven.

Whenever I tried to make my spouse do things as per me, things got worse and we ended up having cruel arguments and much more which cannot be mentioned here ideally. As I always want to have a happy family, I keep talking to her till the situation is normal again. So, I keep trying. I have learned the differences and have accepted them. 

Many Things Do Not Change – Either You Change Others Or Change Yourself

So, I have changed a lot and trying to change myself. I find myself more adaptive than her. When I know the situation, I am dealing with it properly. Not everyone is equally adaptive. And, it is not easy for everyone to change themselves. This is the same case with our wives. My mother was very compromising and always changed her to meet my father’s needs, My father could not change himself. 

I have seen people changing themselves for betterment. So, the things you are expecting from your wife/spouse, start doing them yourself. Believe me, things will be super smooth gradually. Have conviction and keep moving. 

Love so much the other person that the person is forced to love you in return. Now, when both are loving each other, there is no need to handle anyone and no need to ask How To Handle a Wife?

Be Professional, Polite, Ethical, at Home

We keep learning many things in our professional lives. However, when it comes to our personal lives, we rarely follow the best practices. We take our close-by people for granted. 

We should recognize the personality of our wife/husband. When you have a sound idea of others’ personalities, you will be able to deal with them with love and affection. Kindly note, we are not trying to impose anything on them.

Get to know their likes and dislikes, what does she like to eat and wear, what does she like to watch and talk., etc

Make Her Feel Special

Treat your wife with utmost love, care, affection, and respect. She deserves to be treated like a Queen. Yes, I am right. When you are treating your wife like a queen, you are automatically becoming a King. Well, what else do you need? 


How do we handle a dog? Do not get offended here. I am not comparing your wife with a dog. Just taking an example. The dog is also a living being and has lots of understanding. It is the most faithful animal. However, when we keep provoking a dog, again and again, it bites us. This phenomenon is not only applicable to dogs but also humans. 

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When we are provoked, again and again, we tend to take the wrong steps. So, be aware of it. Now, when treating our dog with love and affection makes a big difference, It would much more beneficial to do with our spouse.

Become a Giver

One of the main problems of our lives is that we only expect from others. Kindly note, that expectation is the main source of frustration. Just do your duty and leave everything to god. Believe, you will get much more than your imagination. It also applies to our wives. When we love them unconditionally and respect them without expecting anything in return, they start loving us and respecting us. And, the situation becomes cool and soothing. 

People Have Different Interests

As I have mentioned above that people have different thinking, they have different interests. It is quite natural. So, what needs to be done here. Yes, compromise. What is wrong with compromise? There is nothing wrong with compromise. Moreover, you are doing it for good of yourself and your family.

Sometimes, you need to go by her wishes and sometimes on your own. Just imagine if you have to do everything as per your wife’s wish, would you be happy and comfortable? No. So, what is the need of handling your wife? Just love her and take good care.

Words Have Power

Your words and your tone matter a lot. So, when you are talking to your spouse next time, ensure you are using words and tone which reflect respect for her. There should be nothing to provoke the other person. 

Sprinkle Cool Water

Whenever you see that the situation is getting hot and a conflict may arise, you need to show intelligence here and sprinkle cool water. Sprinkling cool water means using words that minimize the chance of conflict. 

Children Are There

Our children are always around. Guys, it is time to dispose of everything and lead a happy and peaceful life. Because your children learn from everything. And, if there are frequent conflicts between you and your wife, your children will learn many bad things which you do not want them to learn. One more reason to be happy and loving.

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Listen and Be Silent

If any one of us starts talking unnecessary and conflicting things, the other one should be silent and listen only. Do not listen to all these stupid things. 

Do The Below Things To Live Happily With Your Wife

  • Don’t argue with your wife and try to listen to her carefully. …
  • Take your wife out shopping.
  • Take her out for dinner.
  • Give her gifts and surprise her.
  • Call her or message her when you are in your office.
  • Try to make her believe she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

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