Hello Friends, I have seen people hesitating without any reason and they are scared of something which is not at all known to them. So, In this post I am sharing Not Motivation Commitment Is Required for achieving something new in your life.

Not Motivation Commitment Is Required

I always give instructions to my students and friends to start doing something which they really want to. Initially, they give their nod. 

However, even after multiple reminders and encouragement they do not follow the advice and do not complete the homework. 

For Example, most of the people/students are afraid of going in front of the public. whether it is Facebook Live, Youtube Live, or in person. People and students are afraid of something

I have tried to find that thing. However, there is actually nothing which you should be scared of

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Belief System – Mindset

Your fear is all in your mind and belief system. You have grown up living in low lifestyle, with less money than you should have, with fewer standards of life, with fewer amenities, and somewhere your mind and subconscious mind has assimilated that harsh reality. 

Believe me, this is not the reality. This is just your belief

You change your belief. You change your life and reality.

But you need commitment and lots of action towards that commitment to achieve a new life and new reality.

Make Decision Today and Change Your Life

You just need to decide today. It takes a moment only.

If you cannot do it in a moment, you can never do it.

Yes, if not now than never.

Not Motivation Commitment is Required to Change The Reality You Do Not Want to Live with.

Therefore, just do it now. Decide now how your life should be.

And change your life forever. 

Make Live Videos, Make Mistakes, Meet New and Rich People, Do something which makes you uncomfortable every day.

Thanks for reading.

If you liked what you have read, please share with other people too. if it makes you uncomfortable then you must do it. because you have just read about doing something which makes you uncomfortable.

Motivation vs Commitment

Again, I am saying that not any motivation, you need lots and loads of commitment to change your life and reality.

Motivation does not lead to commitment. However, if you are committed, you can find many ways to stay motivated. Also, if there is no motivation, you will do that anyhow as you are committed.

I hope you understand and change your life immediately. Thanks for Reading!!

Suniltams Guruji
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Not Motivation Commitment Is Required