Who does not want to make more and more money? Well, Everyone. In This post, I am going to discuss about HOW TO BECOME AN AMAZON INFLUENCER?

So, if you have social accounts on any of the below mentioned platforms, you can also Join Amazon Influencer Program.


Recently, I got to know about the Amazon Influencer Program and I was actually thrilled. Why? Because the only requirement was to have a social media account. Isn’t it interesting?

Yes, it is. And, I also thought the same. And what more? I did not think twice before trying my hand in becoming an Amazon Influencer. I applied then and there. Why? Because I have good followers on my Facebook Page. You can also follow me on my Facebook Page.

You can also become An Amazon Influencer… Let’s see how.

Amazon has launched the influencer program. It allows influencers with large social followings to set up their own Amazon vanity URLs and pages.  From these pages, the amazon influencers can showcase their favourite products (and obviously continue to earn commissions!)

You already that Amazon is already running an Affiliate Program. However, this Amazon Influencer program is different.

The Influencer program targets established social media influencers with an easy way (vanity URLs) to share affiliate links, gift guides and product recommendations on social media.

You can also sign up to become An Amazon Associate. Some people say it is a little harder to become Amazon Influencer.

How to Apply to Become An Amazon Influencer?

In order to become Amazon Influencer, you must have an active and growing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube account.

Amazon takes into consideration your number of followers and quantity of engagement as well as the type of content which you typically post. If you don’t qualify the first time, don’t get upset… the eligibility requirements can change over the period of time. So, Try again later on.

What Happens When Your Application is Accepted?

When you get acknowledged to the Amazon Influencer program, you’ll get your own one of a kind adjustable page on Amazon with a vanity URL to exhibit the items that you cherish and prescribe to your group of onlookers. This will normally build profit and contact a bigger group of onlookers.

Why would you want a vanity URL?

For one thing, a vanity URL is easier to remember. It makes shopping easier for your followers by allowing them to search, find and shop on your page. And of course, you’ll earn referral fees from qualifying purchases!

Not only that, but your Amazon Influencer landing page also includes social links back to your social media accounts and website, which means even more traffic back to your site!

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