Hello Doctor, Welcome to the world of SEO. You may have heard about it already. That is good. And, if not, Do not worry, you are going to read a lot about SEO in this post.

Well, I have heard many saying that promoting yourself as a doctor is not ethical or I believe is not allowed.

I 100% believe and accept the same.

In case, you remember, there was a time when doctors used to pay to Yellow Pages Directories to mention them in a highlighted way to let their customers know about their address, phone number etc.

Well. I am not asking you to promote yourself with big hoardings and banners. However, do something so that your relevant patient can find you in case of dire need.

Because if you are not doing that, somebody is doing for sure. As per my experience, the doctors who are less known are doing to more. And, knowledgeable and capable doctors are thinking that they will get the patients anyways because they are talented.

Believe me, you are doing a big mistake!

Why So?

Take it this way. Colgate has been a very popular toothpaste for ages. Still, they promote it all over the advertising world. Why? Because of Jitna Dikhege Utna Bikega. To maintain the brand image. The More Your Show to Public, The more public remembers.

So, it is easy.

What should be done ideally?

Ideally, you should make such an arrangement that the patient who needs genuine advice and consultation should be able to find you.

For Example, There are two doctors.

  1. Dr Fraud – Gastrology
  2. Dr Genuine – Gastrology

Now, Dr Fraud has done good advertising and Dr Genuine has done nothing. And, now there is a patient who is suffering from some Gastric problem. The Patient tries to find a doctor. And because Dr Fraud has done a lot in the advertising space, the patient finds him. The patient pays him a lot and still does not get any relief. Because the doctor was Fraud.

Now, Dr Genuine has done nothing. Yes, Dr Genuine has done nothing and that is why the patient faced these problems.

Well, what should have been done?

Dr Genuine should have done something so that his/her details must appear where the patients try to look and search for doctors.

Now, tell me where do the patients check for doctors these days. Well, obviously, on the Search Engines like Google.

So, as a doctor are you appearing on google places in Top Five or on the first Page at the Top position.

If yes, Cool, Keep an eye and maintain the position.

if not, you must act now, contact me. 

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