Figures of Speech – Merism

What is merism?

Merism is a figure of speech by which something is referred to by a conventional phrase that enumerates several of its constituents or traits.

Examples of merism:

Hook, line, and sinker. (To swallow something hook, line, and sinker means to swallow it completely.)

High and low. (To search high and low means to look for something everywhere)

Lock, stock, and barrel. (Referring to the different parts of a gun. As a mersim, it refers to the whole of any object)

Flesh and bone. (Referring to the body).

Search every nook and cranny. (Search everywhere).

Sun, sea and sand. (Referring to a holiday destination).

Young and old. (Describing all the population.)

36 Figures of Speech Types Simile Metaphor Etc With Examples
36 Figures of Speech Types Simile Metaphor Etc With Examples

List of Figures of Speech in the English Language – Literary Devices

Accumulation Climax Metalepsis
Adjunction Dysphemism Metaphor
Adnomination Ellipsis Metonymy
Alliteration Euphemism Simile
Allusion Epigram Synecdoche
Anaphora Epiphora (or epistrophe) Tautology
Antanaclasis Hyperbole Understatement
Anticlimax Hypophora Zeugma and syllepsis
Antiphrasis Irony
Antithesis Litotes
Apostrophe Oxymoron
Assonance Personification
Cataphora Puns
Chiasmus Merism

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