Figures of Speech – Adnomination

What is adnomination (Definition of Adnomination)?

Adnomination is the repetition of words with a change in letter or sound.

Definition of Adnomination

Using some words in a Sentence which has similar sound in them.

  • Moist, Hoist, etc
  • Nobody, Nowhere, nothing, etc
  • Somebody, Somewhere, somehow, etc


  • He is nobody from nowhere and he knows nothing.
  • News is what somebody, somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.
1 Syllable
beim · chime · chyme · climb · clime · crime · dime · grime · haim · heim · hime · kime · lime · lyme · mime · nime · nine · prime · rime · ryme · seim · shine · sime · slime · thime · thyme · time2 Syllables
bedtime · birdlime · daytime · denime · downtime · enzyme · full time · halftime · part-time · sublime3 Syllables
anticrime · maritime · overtimeYou can see many of these words have similar set of sounds. Sound may not be similar in starting or in the end.

List of Figures of Speech in the English Language – Literary Devices

Accumulation Climax Metalepsis
Adjunction Dysphemism Metaphor
Adnomination Ellipsis Metonymy
Alliteration Euphemism Simile
Allusion Epigram Synecdoche
Anaphora Epiphora (or epistrophe) Tautology
Antanaclasis Hyperbole Understatement
Anticlimax Hypophora Zeugma and syllepsis
Antiphrasis Irony Onomatopoeia
Antithesis Litotes
Apostrophe Oxymoron
Assonance Personification
Cataphora Puns
Chiasmus Merism

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