Everybody Wants Respect. Well, you must have faced situations where you let yourself vent your feelings to the other person and the outcome was hilarious!


I have done that many a time. I acknowledge myself fool for doing that. You can also do as well.


Because Everybody Deserve Respect.

How to treat people around

Children do not do their work and spend their time in the activities which their parents do not prefer. Their parents scold them. The situation gets worse.


Because Children need Love and Respect.

You are trying to make your spouse understand something which he/she is not able to comprehend at all. Now, you think that your life has become hell. And, you try to use the offensive ways to handle the situation. But what actually happens? The situation becomes more complex.


Because you forgot to treat your better half with love and respect.

We tend to lose temper so many times in our lives. As per my experience, we lose temper because we lack capabilities and the required behaviour to handle a particular situation.

People, your friends, colleagues, subordinates and many more people around you do not behave the right way you think they should. This is something which you find tough to understand and adopt rather harsh ways to tackle the matter.

I am sure you must have experienced such situations in your life and around you.

However, you must understand that you can win more hearts if you are compassionate.

You can get more work done if you treat people with respect and love.

Do not expect much from others. However, always be caring, loving, and respectful towards them. This is the only best way to lead life.

Bhay Bin Hoye Na Preet

This is absolutely true only if you have lots of power and can get rid of the obstacle completely. However, Lord Rama did request the ‘Mahasagar’ to give way initially. When the ‘Samudra’ did not do what was required, Lord Rama took harsh action. However, ultimately, he was polite and hospitable towards ‘Samudra’.

So, what we need to understand accept realize all the time that you can control the behaviour of others. You can always try to control your behaviour and treat people with great love and respect.

I said you can try as many things are in control of GOD who is there for sure but a mystery to all of us.

Make Good Colleagues Life Lesson
Make Good Colleagues | Life Lesson


Also, it is wise to understand that regretting on your mistakes does not make you better. What you can do is learn from your past and prepare yourself well for the future. The most important is to enjoy the present.

When you have 100% faith in GOD, you must understand that everything which is happening around us is controlled by HIM. And, when everything is controlled by him, why to worry.

The whole universe is designed, maintained by HIM. Enjoy, Be Happy, Smile. Well, these things are also in his hands.


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Hope you liked Reading Everybody Wants Respect!

Everybody Wants Respect
Smile As It is A Wonderful Gift From GOD