Dr Satendra Saxena Aligarh Top Neurologist in Aligarh
Dr Satendra Saxena Aligarh Top Neurologist in Aligarh

Dear Patient, are you looking for Epilepsy Specialist in Aligarh. You are in the right place. Epilepsy is a quite frustrating disease. It does not only bother the patient but also the people around. Family members remain in anxiety about the condition of the patient.


I have seen patients with epilepsy getting in weird situations and the moment is completely embarrassing. However, leave the embarrassment apart, the disease is quite stressful for the patient himself/herself. In this post, you will get good relief as we are going to discuss the treatment of Epilepsy in Aligarh.

Top Epilepsy Specialist in Aligarh in Aligarh By Dr Satendra Saxena from Bhagya-Tara Brain Centre.

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Epilepsy disease is also called seizure disorders. In Hindi, epilepsy is called ‘Daure‘. So, you can get complete “Daure Ka Ilaj in Aligarh

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The symptoms of Epilepsy as you can call it seizures vary from person to person. Some people get unconscious in this. Some people start to beat their head on the surfaces. And, some other people may show some other symptoms. Overall, this disease is not only harmful but entirely embarrassing as well.

If you are facing any issue like this or you have someone close who has something in these lines, you can easily refer to Dr Satendra Saxena at Bhagya-Tara Brain Centre, Near KK Hospital, Kishanpur Tiraha, Ramghat Road, Aligarh

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The more disappointing in the case of epilepsy is the reaction of the people around. The people around the patient do not understand the severity and find it amusing. However, we want to motivate epilepsy patients. Please be strong and believe that it is a totally curable disease. With proper medication and some exercise, you can easily overcome the disease of Epilepsy as you now have the best Epilepsy Specialist in Aligarh.

The source of Epilepsy is our brain. So, it is quite necessary to have sound control over our brain. Do some yoga exercises daily to be strong in this matter. We are sure you will find the best Epilepsy Specialist in Aligarh.

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