One of the tasks that a student has to do is to understand how to write an
introduction to the thesis. The introduction indicates the urgency of the work,
purpose, object, object, research methods, and other necessary data.
In fact, the introduction of the thesis contains all the necessary information about
the work in the shortest form, which allows you to judge the content of this work,
its structure and methods of analysis.

It also shows the need for analysis on a
selected topic, and demonstrates the positive aspects of the practical
implementation of the results obtained during this analysis.
It should be noted that the structure of entry of the thesis is stated in the
requirements for writing the papers, in the methodological recommendations,
which should be read because they may be different for different universities.
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1. Introduction to the diploma should start with a statement of the relevance of
work, the size of this presentation should not exceed half a page, and the
relevance should be formulated in a separate sentence at the end of the

2. The purpose of the thesis reflects the very meaning of its writing, it is
presented in one sentence and should be consistent with the topic of the

3. Based on the purpose formulated the tasks of the work, for convenience,
their number and title can be correlated with the structure of the diploma
plan and the names of sections and points. Then one task corresponds to one
point of the thesis.
4. The object and the object indicate what is being analyzed in the work and
the sphere where the objective functions. The subject is a narrower
interpretation of what is being learned and flows from the object.

5. The methodological basis of the study are those techniques and methods that
were actually used during the analysis, these may be methods of analysis and
synthesis, theoretical generalization, coefficient analysis, and others.
6. Laws, textbooks, scientific articles, statistics used to collect material for
analysis should be considered as an information base. Here you can indicate
the reason for trust in these sources, conduct a brief critical analysis of the
literature, indicate the most prominent scholars who have studied the
problem, whose works have been used.

7. The description of the practical value of the thesis is to find out in the same
way how the results of the research at the enterprise being analyzed can be
applied to the organizations, what positive changes they will cause in the
economy of the country. That is, it assesses the feasibility and usefulness of
the projects and recommendations that were developed in the third section of
the thesis.

8. Similarly, theoretical studies carried out may serve as a basis for further
in-depth research. The practical value of the work should be consistent with
the purpose of its writing, if the purpose was to develop measures to
improve the efficiency of any aspect in the activity of the enterprise, then
they can be really applicable to it, and possibly to other enterprises in the
field, and carry a positive the effect of implementation.

9. The structure of the thesis can be considered at the end, the number of
sections is specified. Sometimes it is advisable to write what has been
analyzed within each section.

10. The size of the thesis entry is small, it can take from two to five pages. It is
designed in the same way as all other text of the thesis, it is subject to the
same requirements of state standards and guidelines.

Easily Understand How To Write A Thesis Introduction
Easily Understand How To Write A Thesis Introduction