A destination wedding is the new age dream for every bride and groom. Getting your dream wedding away from the regular hustle-bustle of the city is what most of us want these days. But sometimes there is some concern for which we hesitate to choose what we want. While some might think that destination weddings cost much more extra to travel all the way to that place. But sometimes you never know where you can be proven wrong. Here we have provided the basic differences between destination and local wedding to help you go for the one you want. In this post, you will brief the difference between Destination wedding v/s Local weddings.

Destination wedding v/s Local weddings | JustBaazaar

  • Guestlist: A destination wedding usually costs less depending on the place you choose. If you are opting for an international destination, then it is obviously going to cost more than a local wedding when you consider the travel cost. But if you are planning a destination wedding in your own country, generally it reduces the cost drastically. Specifically in India, a big fat local Indian wedding has a guest list of over 1000 invitees. But when you plan a destination wedding, it is considered as a private affair and only the close ones get placed on the guest list.

  • Wedding Ceremonies: Local weddings and their ceremonies usually take place at different venues. For example, a Mehendi ceremony can be done at a banquet or a convention hall. But, if you are planning a destination wedding, you can have all your ceremonies at one venue and can save huge bucks.

  • Vendor Management: While at local weddings, vendor management is a really easy job, at destination weddings, it can be a real pain. At a local wedding, most of the vendors are well known to you and they can offer a better deal. You can easily have a face to face conversation and solve any issue. While saying miles away, when you arrange the vendors through an online wedding planner, you can be always anxious about how things will turn out on your wedding day.

  • All in one: In the local wedding, as most of the neighbors, family, and friends are invited, you can easily host a single occasion and leave them all happy. Whereas at a destination wedding, you can have peer pressure to conduct a reception party upon your return home. It will cost you an extra load of money. However, it is completely your decision whether you are going to arrange another party or not.

  • A vacay for the family and friends: Destination wedding is getting popular because of the vacay vibe it adds to this extremely important occasion. Arranging a wedding can put a lot of pressure on the bride and groom as well as their family. The destination wedding takes everyone to a chill-out mode where you can have a travel experience as well. Whereas, Local is a Local wedding with days of some hectic and tiring schedule. 

If you consider both sides together, the weight is obviously heavier on the destination wedding’s side. But in the end, it’s always up to you what you want.