CSS and WordPress both are different things, but if used togetherly, can give you great results. CSS which stands for Cascading style sheets is actually a powerful style sheet language that gives the power to design or style webpages. Through CSS, Web Designers can use for deciding the colour, text alignment, font, size, border, typographic features, spacing, and much more style attributes. Whereas WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that helps in managing the web content of your website for free.

How do I customize my WordPress website?

CSS and WordPress

WordPress is one of the famous CMS and provides many customizing features. But many times WordPress Customization is not able to fulfil our website needs. So that’s why we need to use CSS to make a more attractive website. If the web designer uses CSS with WordPress, It will be amazing for a website because CSS gives you a superpower of managing styles and layout all over the website from a single place. Yes, you can change the whole website appearance from a single place.

CSS gives you three ways of editing the website content, those are:

  1. Inline CSS
  2. Internal CSS
  3. External CSS

Here, Inline CSS helps in changing the style of any specific element of HTML. Internal CSS can change the website style by placing some CSS code in the head section of your website’s source code. And External CSS can change your website styling from separate “.css” file which should be parallelly saved with “.html” file in your hosting.

What is Custom CSS?

Custom CSS is a feature of WordPress.com, Premium, Business, or eCommerce plans and is a part of WordPress Customizer. But If  Someone is on WordPress.org and using WordPress as a CMS only then he/she can do some internal custom edits in the source code of a website.

For these custom edits use Theme Editor of WordPress located at Appearance → Editor.

Should we use CSS Modification in Personal WordPress Website?

For this question, our to the point answer is “only modify or edit if you have at least basic knowledge of web designing”. If you are a newbie in this field of web designing then firstly you should go for relevant tutorials from youtube or websites. Because your single mistake in the source code may badly affect your whole website.

According to us, you should go for a proper backup of your site before changing or modifying the website’s source code so that wrong changes can be corrected.

How do I edit the custom CSS in WordPress?

If you are using wordpress.com than go with this path My Sites → Design → Customize → Additional CSS on your blog dashboard. And if you are using wordpress.org then there are two ways to edit the custom CSS:

  1. Via Additional CSS option
  2. Via Custom CSS Plugin

For editing from Additional CSS option, you have to login in your WordPress Admin Area. Then go for Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS. From here you can edit CSS for your website.

What is a custom CSS Plugin?

Another way for editing CSS, install a custom CSS plugin, you can go for Simple Custom CSS. These plugins help you in maintaining the CSS from the section that is separate from your parent’s theme. If you want to add one, then choose from these most popular Custom CSS plugin.

List of Top Custom CSS Plugins

  1. CSS Hero
  2. Simple Custom CSS
  3. Advanced CSS Editor
  4. Genesis Extender Plugin
  5. YellowPencil
  6. CSS Live Editor WordPress Plugin
  7. InStyle: WordPress Visual CSS Editor
  8. Modular Custom CSS
  9. Head & Footer Code
  10. Code Snippets
  11. My Custom Functions
  12. Very Simple Custom Style

What is CSS Hero?

CSS Hero is a plugin for WordPress sites, that gives the power to customize your site. It is considered as one of the most advanced CSS Plugin for WordPress. You can read about CSS Hero and other 11 plugins from begindot.com.

How do I create a custom section in WordPress?

If you just want to create a custom section in WordPress for CSS. Then you can use the Simple Custom CSS plugin. It will make another section to your WordPress admin area so that you can add custom CSS to your website without touching the main theme codes. This will help you in avoiding any big mistakes. By chance, If some happen then only delete the plugin or its edits to restore all the things as it is.

How do I edit the CSS in WordPress child theme?

You can make this possible by editing the style.css file which is situated under your child theme. You just have to enter the different style rules for different styling of every section of your website. But what if you don’t know about CSS? Or What if you want to make such style changes to your website, that want great CSS skills? For this, you can also use Custom CSS Generator.

Is there any Custom CSS Generator?

Yes, you can find many Custom CSS Generator online. They give you the facility to make automated CSS codes by just using a web interface just like a normal picture editing tool. You can easily try some online. Link of a Custom CSS Generator is here.

How do I upload a CSS file to WordPress? or How do I add an external CSS to a WordPress theme?

You can do this easily by going to the WP-Content → Themes → Your Theme Name. Then you have to find the folder which holds CSS files. Those folders are usually named as CSS Stylesheet or CSS styles. Here in these folders, you can upload your external files with upload option that comes on your database interface.

So, From these details, we think you are trained to implement all this on your website. If you are getting any problem then You can write in our comment section or send feedback about this article. We will surely reply to you soon.

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