Content writing is a very interesting and creative job. Many of the top companies, as well as new and small startups, need content writers or copywriters on board.

What is Content Writing?
Career in Copy Writing (Content Writing)

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is simple and more like Essay writing. If you were interested in Essay writing in your school days, you can have an amazing career in Content writing. Content writing is just writing engaging content about the topic you want to serve to your audience or to your clients.

Content Writer Tips and Career OptionsNowadays, content writing includes below mentioned things:

  • Thorough planning is required. It is to ensure the copywriter is not leaving anything behind and understand all aspects of the content he/she is going to write.
  • The second step is writing. Keep writing as much as you can. write in such a manner that your audience can relate to and can easily understand without referring to dictionaries and other similar tools.
  • Editing the content, remove irrelevant and duplicate content, remove jargons, make sure the sentences are not very long.

Nowadays, Content writing is done for Digital Marketing purposes. In other words, to impress the stakeholders or clients. Basically, they all are our customers whom we have to serve in one or the other way.

Content Writers can utilize the below mentioned platforms or methods to reach their audience:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • TweetStorms
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit

or any other platform where the content writer finds it relevant and useful.

Content Writing is useful for many purposes

Most of the people think that content writing means only article writing. However, it is not so.

Content writing is being utilized for many purposes as listed below:Content Writing for Video Scripts

  1. Video Scripts
  2. Email Newsletters
  3. Keynote Speeches
  4. Social Media Posts
  5. Podcast Titles
  6. White Papers
  7. Web Page Copy
  8. Landing Pages
  9. YouTube Video Descriptions

and anything else where the target audience of the organization is found for which the content writer is working.

Writing is the BASE for pretty much anything that we publish.

Best Practices for Content WritingBest Practices for Content Writing:

While many of us think there is no big deal. Let me tell you, you can make it big when you think it is actually a big deal to become a great content writer. So, start putting enough efforts to improve your content writing skills. Learn from others and practice.

Here, I am going to share some of the best practices from the content writing world which you may adopt.

Create an Outline – It is the First Step for the content writing process. It is a part of Planning which I have mentioned above.

    • There are reasons why you should Create an Outline
    • First, outlines keep the writer on track which speeds up the process and keep the things organized
    • Second, Outlines make you see your content from a high level which does not usually happen when you are writing without an Outline.
    • Plus, because you have an outline ready, it will ensure that you will cover everything you set before initiating the writing process.

Content Writing How to Create an Outline?How to Create an Effective Outline?

There are some ways which you can use to create an outline.

  • You can refer to previous content which really worked well. You can use the structure and format. This will also make your content recognizable and branded. Your audience will instantly understand that the content is from the specific organization every time you publish.
  • Use Templates – Already created templates are really recommended. They make the life of the content writer real easy and speedy.

Engaging and Shareable ContentContent Should be Engaging and Shareable

When your audience is able to understand your content easily and feel like sharing, that content is considered great. If a content writer writes a world-class content and that is not understood by the people, that content is waste.

Fun and Easy to Understand ContentKeep the content Fun and Easy

If your content is not engaging and not of interest to the public, they will move away to something else. Keep the Language simple and paragraphs short. That is the key.

Use Images and Visuals to mix things up.

Use Examples

People like proofs. so, when you include a fair number of examples in your content, it keeps your audience engaged. Also, it makes your content trustworthy.

Content Writing Proper Grammar is MustProper Grammar

When you use proper grammar, Short Sentences, proper punctuation, small paragraphs, your audience feels light and joy to read and engage with your content.

Have a strong knowledge of your niche

Yeah, it makes a great sense. When the content writer has sound knowledge of the topic on which he/she is writing, it reflects in the content written and served to the public. So, make sure you have a solid knowledge of the things you are going to write about.

Content Writing Headline and IntroductionAttractive Headline and Introduction

Most of the times, your audience has only a few seconds to decide whether the content is worth reading ahead or not. Therefore, it becomes highly important and critical to go for a very relevant and attractive headline. Headlines should have 14 to 17 words only to keep them shareable. if possible, add proper emotion to your headline.

Along with that, the introduction should be magnetic. The introduction should be short and should be able to make the reader understand what is all he/she going to read ahead. After Introduction, you can have an index of the things of your content.

These things ensure your readers is going to be engaged.

Read this post once again if you are really sincere about making a career in content writing. Also, comment, what do you feel about this post.

Let me know if I can write something else of some use to you.

Sunil Chaudhary

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