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Add Your Business Listing

Business Listing is the service that the Directory Website offer to list your business for free. Free Business Listings improve your online business presence. However, if you want to generate some real business, always go for a paid business listing. The paid business listing is also called Premium Business Listing.

Premium Business Listing appears on top of Free Business Listings. So, obviously, customers are going to focus on the premium business listing only.

Business Directory Websites do need money for their existence. That’s why they also offer paid subscriptions. is one of the best Business Listings Sites you have ever seen. Our Domain Authority is increasing day by day as our team reviews all the listings manually before making them live.

Also, we provide world-class customer support for business listing owners. In order to keep the operations going, paid business listing services are also offered.

Best Business Directory For Your Business is considered one of the best business directories in the world. Our clients get more business than the business owners who have listed their business on other directories. Our flagship service OCOCOC keeps your business on the first page of search engines. Our SEO methods are genuine and quite effective.

Submit Your Business Listing

You can submit your business listing with all the features mentioned below:

  1. Cover Image to give your business a highlighted look
  2. Business Name
  3. Phone Number
  4. Address
  5. Complete Business Description
  6. Photo Gallery
  7. Logo
  8. Timings – Dual Timings
  9. Reviews and Rating
  10. Map and Get Direction Features are added automatically
  11. Contact form is also included in your listing

Once we receive your business listing, our team reviews the same for a quick quality check, and then complete SEO optimization is done so that search engines can easily understand your business listing.

These things are done for Free as well as for Paid business listings. However, paid business listings appear no the top of Free Business Listings. Now, that is your decision to keep it free or paid. We are charging a minimal amount of 13.99 Dollars for a lifetime for Verified Business Listings.

Benefits of Online Business Listing

We take care of Google My Business and listings on other major directories. We ensure your business becomes prominent in search engines for your preferred business keywords.

Increase your brand engagement and online reputation

Make your business known locally

It is important for the success of your business that targets an audience in your local area. If you do not create a proper online presence for your business, your business may fail to reach a potential customer who could reach you in no time and become your next big customer.

As a local business, you want to attract as many as possible customers/clients from your local and nearby places. These days most things are technology-driven. And, considering this fact, you must get your name and profile listed in all the major online directories with the help of Business Listing. JustBaazaar is one of the best online business directories in the world.

JustBaazaar is a very well-known online platform to list your business online. You can make a custom page for your business along with most of the details of your business, like Cover image, logo, reviews, description, timings, contact details, map, get direction, etc.

Business Listing

A few websites allow listing your business for FREE. However, JustBaazaar is giving you this golden opportunity for free and that too for a lifetime. Listing your business on the major directories is one of the best ways to ensure your business is getting good exposure in search engines when people are trying to find something similar to your business.

By listing your business you Boost your online business presence.

Earlier, businesses used to depend on phone books and yellow page directories. However, your marketing plan is incomplete these days if you are not listing your business online.

Publish your business information online

Potential customers want to know details about your business like timings, services, products, etc. FREE Business listings allow your business information to appear online in front of your customers. However, as of now, we are not providing FREE Business Listing on Free Business Listing will be available soon.

Online reputation also takes time like offline. Even a customer who is not coming to your business directly sees your business name online creates an image in his/her subconscious mind and can be your future customer. The chances are high if your business has more reviews and ratings. So, ensure proper online engagement is there in your business listing.

JustBaazaar also takes care of your complete online business reputation and social media optimization given you hire us for this specific service. JustBaazaar is supported by one of the Best SEO Experts.

Every FREE business listing site operates in a different way. However, you must ensure the following things:

  1. Claim your business page properly even if you have to pay for that. that is worth it.
  2. Keep your business listing complete and up to date, Search Engines like that.
  3. Verify your listing. Actually, it is part of claiming. so, when you claim a business, verification happens anyways.
  4. Include a link to your website – it makes your website SEO stronger.
  5. Add a detailed description – Ensure relevant and easy description is there in your FREE business listing as well.
  6. Include secondary contact information if possible to help your customers reach your business.
  7. Always add relevant pictures and videos to your FREE business listing so that your potential buyers and customers can get the feel of your services in a better way.
  8. Last and most important – Gather customer reviews and ratings on a regular basis and as and when possible. Search Engines give value to reviews and ratings.