Hello, Dear Business owners. I welcome you to this post where I am going to discuss a little about the best directory website in India and for the whole world.

Promoting my business.

In 2014, I started a Coaching Institute and was looking for ways to promote my classes to attract more and more students. As I proceeded to list my business online, I came across many options Like JustDial, Sulkha and many more on a local level. Yes, some of the options in terms of directory website were good and beneficial, I did not get what exactly I was looking for.

Best Directory Website | JustBaazaar Business Listing Site india
Best Directory Website | JustBaazaar Business Listing Site India

Search for Directory websites

I also listed my business on Facebook, Google, and many more social media platforms. As I was aggressive about promoting my business, I was trying hard to find the best ways and more directory websites to increase online business presence. however, I was not completely satisfied. Also, I did not have any idea about SEO and its policies.

I kept getting calls to develop a website for my business and I kept considering the available options. ultimately, I created a website myself with the help of WordPress and hosting from Godaddy. That was sufficient to serve the purpose. It was not actually required on the local level where most of the business come by mouth to mouth advertisement.

How I got the idea of directory website?

One day again somebody from a website development company approached me to develop a website for my business. As I had already a website in place, I did not want any other. However, I kept discussing the options and all website features with the person visiting me.

That day, I got an idea why not develop a business directory website which should have all the features a business owner want in order to highlight his/her business in the most appropriate way.

Name of the Directory Website

So, I asked this person to develop a directory website for me. I paid him some token money and then I started researching on the names my directory website should have. It took us a month when we concluded on JustBaazaar. JustBaazaar means the only market.

This is how a new directory website came into existing in the world with the name JustBaazaar.

Development of the Directory website

This web development company could not complete the work of my directory website and kept giving one or the other excuse. I got frustrated and broke the agreement with them. They honestly refunded the money which I paid to them. Then I was stuck with my dream of having real and most beneficial directory website.

Search for Options to Develop a directory website

Then I myself started looking for options to develop a business listing website. I, being an MBA in information systems and well versed with the English Language, was confident to take care of the task of developing a directory website.

I looked for hundreds of options online. After thorough research, I zeroed on a theme called Listify from Astoundify. I found it really good and started my work.

It was quite easy. And, I could make my new directory website live within 4 hours of uninterrupted work. I used plugins from wp-job manager and WooCommerce.


It was just the birth of my new business listing website and did not have any idea of getting clients. however, I did not give up and kept working on it. I started about the SEO best Practices and watched a few good videos on youtube.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Then I got to know about the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin actually gave a superpower to my directory website.

I took paid subscriptions to Listify and Yoast both.

Now I can say, these decisions were good. As on 6-Jan-2021, my directory website has Alexa Ranking of 88,888 in the world.

If you are looking for a business listing website to list your business and increase your customer base, JustBaazaar is an ideal option with Paid Subscription.

List your business online

You can list your business for free as well. However, if you love your business, you have two options, go for paid listing on JustBaazaar or create your Business directory website as I did.

You know what, JustBaazaar is now my primary business and the business I stated in 2014 is secondary. So, you can see how passionate  I became about my directory website.

Leading Internet Marketing

JustBaazaar is now a leading Internet Marketing company in the whole world with services like SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Business Automation, Graphics designing, etc.

In 2017, I was looking for ways to make my directory website the best and more efficient than other directory websites in the world. I kept working around this thought and came up with the idea of OCOCOC.

OCOCOC – One City One Category One Client

We came up with the idea of making a business owner ultra strong in a city with our best in class SEO and Digital Marketing services. OCOCOC serves this purpose.

OCOCOC is now a successful Internet Marketing service with many clients getting more and more clients/students/customers.

Proud Directory Website

I am glad to share that after a dedicated study into SEO and Content Writing, my developed directory website ranks on top for many keywords as mentioned below:

Not only this, but our clients also rank on top for their preferred keywords which help them increase footfall to their businesses and generate more revenue.

If you are looking for Online Business Promotion, I invite you to talk to us as we have world-class internet marketing, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

Sunil Chaudhary

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