Hi Dear Students and Parents, As you are looking forward to AMU 11th Entrance Exam 2021– All Details You Need are here.  Aligarh has many top Coaching centres for AMU 11th Entrance Exam in The City. Read the post thoroughly you will get vital information about the AMU Entrance Syllabus and which coaching institute is good for you. This post will guide me about the AMU 11th Entrance Exam Syllabus and the recommended books for AMU Entrance Preparation.

AMU 11th Entrance Exam 2021

Best Coaching Centres for AMU Entrance Exam in Aligarh

AMU has its own official website which gives all the information. However, we have made things and information easier for students and paretns.

Therefore, our team has come up with this post. Here you can get all the necessary details related to the AMU 11th Entrance Exam 2021which happens every year. And, Every year thousands of students dream to clear this exam and get admission to Aligarh Muslim University.

Let us mention that AMU is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

What can you do if admit card is not issued or not reached you?

If the admit card is not issued by AMU then the candidates can write an email to amuadmitcards@gmail.com. Please make sure you include all the relevant details while writing the email.
You should make sure that you have an admit card. This is because you cannot enter the examination hall without the official admit card.

Which books are good enough for the preparation for the AMU 11th Entrance Exam?

Well, we have talked to many in this matter. And, most of the people suggest only going through the NCERT Books only. They say that you must revise the NCERT Books again and again.

Also, have a sound look at the earlier years’ questions papers. Do so for the only last 5 years.

You can prepare smartly by preparing for the objective questions. Prepare objective type questions from the most recommended book which is Conceptum. You can buy it Here Online.

Sleep for at least 8 hours daily. Because a healthy and intelligent mind lives in a healthy body. So, take proper sleep daily.

Test Series for AMU 11th Entrance Exam – TAMS Studies AMU

We always say no coaching is necessary if you plan it well. For Test Series, you can always have good faith in TAMS Studies Aligarh Classes. Don’t get influenced by where your friends are going or studying. Make your own success path.

Must Study Indo Islamic

You can study Indo Islamic culture from HJ Nasir. This book is enough for this section. Or you can buy any other book Online.

AMU 11th Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Paper:

The time to attempt the question paper is 2 hours. you get 100 questions to answer in this time limit. So, be wise and plan accordingly. The syllabus is as mentioned below:

  1. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Life Science) – 50 Marks
  2. Mathematics – 30 Marks
  3. General knowledge – 10 Marks
  4. Indo-Islamic culture – 10 Marks

For Science, revise NCERT Books of both 9th and 10th and go through them several times, if you want an edge over the other students you can study some topics from class 11th, as there are questions related to vectors and several other concepts covered in class 11th. Go through books published by Pradeep Publications they are great and will help you to some great extent.

For Mathematics, again NCERTs are very important of both 9th and 10th. If you have time you can surely go through RD Sharma. Study topics like functions, logarithms and Domain-Range, as many times I have seen questions from these topics.

Now coming to the third part the general knowledge, It is compromised of the following topics:

  1. Games and Sports – 02 marks
  2. Basic Geography – 02 marks
  3. Indian Polity – 02 marks
  4. Awards and Honours – 01 mark
  5. Books and Authors – 01 mark
  6. Current Affairs – 02 marks

Read the newspaper daily and stay updated for a good score in general knowledge.

The fourth part (Indo-Islamic culture) is very important and many a time is the deciding factor considering the fact that many students ignore it. Read the following things for a better score in Indo-Islamic culture:-

A)-Aqaid & Ibadat

  1. Faith in God
  2. Faith in Angels
  3. Faith in the Divine Books.
  4. Faith in Messengers of God.
  5. Faith in After-Life
  6. Faith in Recreation
  7. Destiny


  1. Birth
  2. Childhood
  3. Youth
  4. Be’sat
  5. Hijrat
  6. Madina Period
  7. Demise

C)-Quran and Hadith

  1. Introduction to Qur’an
  2. History of the Revelation of the Quran
  3. History of Compilation of the Quran
  4. Introduction to Hadith
  5. Major Books of Hadith

D)-History of Muslims in India

  1. The arrival of Muslims in India
  2. Beginning of Delhi Sultanate
  3. Mughal Empire

4. The contribution of Muslims in the Indian National Movement.

Famous Rulers

  1. Qutubuddin Aibak
  2. Ghyasuddin Balban
  3. Alauddin Khilji
  4. Firoz Shah Tughlaq
  5. Zahiruddin Babar
  6. Sher Shah Suri
  7. Jalaluddin Akbar
  8. Aurangzeb Alamgir
  9. Hyder Ali
  10. Tipu Sultan
  11. Bahadur Shah Zafar

E)-Muslim Culture in India Famous Sufis and `Ulama

  1. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti
  2. Baba Farid Ganje Shakkar
  3. Khwaja Nizamuddin Awliya
  4. Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi
  5. Shah Waliullah
  6. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
  7. Maulana Shibli
  8. Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar
  9. Maualana Abul Klam Azad

Famous Monuments

  1. Qutub Minar
  2. Golcanda Monuments
  3. Red Fort
  4. Taj Mahal
  5. Jama Masjid

Recommended Books For Indo-Islamic culture :

  1. Maulan Maududi : Risalae Diniyat
  2. Qazi Zainul Abidin : Tarikhe Millat
  3. Sadruddin Islahi : Qur`an ka Ta`aruf,
  4. Maulana Farooqu Khan : Hadith ka Ta’aruf;
  5. Text Books of History, Class IX and X,
  6. Sheikh Ikram Abe Kausar – Mouje
  7. Kausar and RoodeKausar.

Management at the time of the exam

The time factor also plays an important role, you have 2 hours and have 45 calculation based questions (Mathematics + Physics = 30 + 15 = 45 the questions asked in chemistry hardly need any calculations) considering this fact you can manage your time, such as, you can give each of these 45 questions two minutes, these are 90 minutes in total. Now you have half an hour left in which you can easily solve the rest of the 65 questions.

AMU 11th Entrance Exam Date 2021

You can apply for the exam from the month of February and the exam somewhere happens in the month of July. This information we will update correctly after checking from the university.

Where can you get Previous Years’ Question Papers for AMU 11th Entrance Exam Preparation?

Well, the good news is that you get 2 Previous Years of Question Papers in Conceptum. For more, you can contact any of the Best AMU Entrance Coaching Centres in Aligarh.

Best Coaching Centres for AMU Entrance Exams in Aligarh. Click Here.

AMU Controller Email Addressamucontrollerexams@gmail.com
AMU Admission Helpdesk Email Idamu.admission@gmail.com

How to Reach Aligarh from Delhi

The train and bus service is quite good from Delhi to Aligarh. Also, from nearby cities like Agra, Mathura, Moradabad, etc. You can use RedBus to find more details.

At the end. JustBaazaar wishes you all the best for the exam.

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