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Our Approach

We at JustBaazaar aim at providing Online Presence to all types of Business Owners. We understand some of the other business directories are very costly and also do not show case businesses in the appropriate manner.

Keeping this in mind, we have come up On, you can easily showcase your business in the best possible way.

Our Story

JustBaazaar was started in 2016 in the month of January. We have grown from scratch. We want to prove that another startup from Aligarh can make a big name at Global Level.

We saw that not all the businesses are found online. There are many reasons. Cost and lack of technical knowledge.

Our cost is very genuine and our team is always ready to help our clients with their online business promotion and social media requirements.

Meet the Team

Our Founder and CEO Sunil Chaudhary Started This Great helping business and his energy plays a pivotal role in the success of JustBaazaar and we are able to keep our clients happy. The powerhouse of the company is emerging Digital Marketer and SEO expert Ayush Chandra who has given the company New Heights. His contribution can never be forgotten whenever we talk about the success of JustBaazaar.

Apart from that, we have a great team as mentioned below.

Sunil Chaudhary Founder and CEO of JustBaazaar
Sunil Chaudhary – CEO
CFO JustBaazaar, Chief Financial Officer JustBaazaar

MA in Economics and an efficient Finance Manager.

He believes in “Do the Best and Leave the Rest”. Passionate about teaching English in Free time. Worked with some Fortune 500 Companies. Read More…

Ayush Chanrda: Digital Marketer
Ayush Chandra – SEO Consultant

Ayush Chandra has been implementing search engine optimization and digital marketing for 3 years. He has created a couple of successful websites and has helped a few businesses to grow.

Now, he has entered into affiliate marketing.

Avdesh Kumar - Sales & Marketing Head
Avdesh Kumar – Technology Head at JustBaazaar

Positively Introvert and Strength Behind the Sales and Marketing.

SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, and Sales Head.

JustBaazaar Delhi NCR Head Neharika Pahuja

Passionate about helping clients. Highly Motivated and Enthusiastic.