Prakash Jha’s new web series Aashram has been released on August 28, through this series Prakash Jha has been able to present the story of modern-day babas and saints. Bobby Deol has also made a digital debut through this series. In the web series, the real truth is shown how a baba keeps his influence from common people to the corridors of politics.

How Babas are given the status of God in our country, how the hypocritical babes will expose their mysterious world from the atrocities with girls and women.

This story is a story of a common man along with a fake godman. It shows how a common man trusts a fraudulent person who is not trustworthy. People in our villages like this trust the quacks, knowing that they are not doctors. Because knowing the names of the 4 medicines, a crowd of people stands up with them.

‘Aashram’ series exposes hypocritical babas
‘Aashram’ series exposes hypocritical babas

‘Aashram’ series exposes hypocritical babas

In the same way, they are fake godmen, who become Baba by wearing clothes. When some people start believing in them, then the whole world starts following them. In our country, we respect the religious gurus like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, who devoted their lives in search of truth and knowledge, we worship them. But there have been many thugs, who do nothing except robbing the world, with the help of their clothes.

Bobby Deol has appeared in the role of Baba Nirala in this web series. Nirala is depicted as a big Baba who has a large empire, big leaders roam around in front of him.

This web series is based on the religious leaders of the country. The elusive world of Babas in our country has always been full of secrets. Many religious leaders and babas have millions of followers, big celebrities and well-educated people across the country are bowing down before them.

But many times such instances also came to light when the truth of the black world of those religious leaders came in front of people, then the ground slipped under the feet of the people. There is a long list of such babas, like Asaram, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, and Nityananda Swamy, who are behind the bars today on charges of heinous crimes like rape.

The Aashram has opened the poll of babas through this web series. Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) is a religious teacher who has millions of followers. This Baba, popularly known as Kashi Baba among his devotees, has taken advantage of the trust of thousands of innocent people and grabbed them all. Not only this, but nine girls have also disappeared from Baba’s ashram in the last three years. No one knows where she went, alive or dead.

One such girl is Pammi (Aditi Pohankar) who becomes a part of her ashram at the behest of Baba Nirala in the quest to find peace and do something under the stress of caste discrimination. Pammi is a combative young wrestler who raised her voice against racist forces even before coming to the ashram and did justice to her family. But when she comes to know about the wrong things going on in the ashram, she decides to bring Baba’s real face to the world.

The series stands before many evils of society. Looking at the series, it seems that even after seeing all this before our eyes, how are we still silent? Along with this, the question arises that why people are becoming blind devotees of Babas even after the truth is revealed? How do people get caught in blind faith and hypocrisy and go to self-proclaimed gurus and become a victim of cheating?

In the ‘Aashram’ web series, those who play with faith and faith will be exposed. Therefore, such people have insisted against this web series by using Hindu religion to make it anti-religion, but seeing the situation, Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol have shared the disclaimer of ‘Aashram’ from their social media account, whose Also Bobby Deol has written in the caption – ‘Please pay attention.’ So right there Prakash Jha has written – ‘Civil request.’ Significantly, the Ashram is the country’s first web series on a very sensitive issue.

In this web series, such religious leaders have been shown, who cheated the people of the country in different ways in the name of religion. In such a situation, there was no controversy about the web series, so Prakash Jha has already released the disclaimer before the trailer.

In such a situation, the audience should learn from the recent story of hypocrites like Aasaram, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Nityanand Swami justify the series and introduce them to be aware citizens of India, otherwise, people will be cheated And women will continue to be exploited.

(Priyanka Saurabh is an independent journalist, columnist, a research scholar in political science and poetess. She can be reached at