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Digital marketing has become essential for retail, malls, shopping centers, and commercial centers.

The success of a shopping mall or retail center depends on a million different factors. What does the competition look like? How easily can people reach your location? Which brands and stores do you carry? How do you fit into the local economy? And among all these concerns, digital marketing for retail has become more important than ever.

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In this proposal, JustBaazaar is going to discuss the benefits of digital marketing for “Great Mall of Aligarh

Here are just some of the benefits of digital marketing for “Great Mall of Aligarh“:

Attract shoppers. With a bigger online presence, you can attract new customers through your doors.
Promote sales. Use promotions, deals, and online advertising to make customers an offer they can’t refuse.
Reward loyal customers. Attracting new shoppers was just the first step! Share exclusive rewards and treats for repeat customers(Referral Scheme).
Highlight brands and products. Run giveaways and promotions to show off your best brands and new product releases.
Maximize holiday sales. Make the most of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer sales, and more.
Manage periods of low consumption. If sales have been muted lately, then use deals and online campaigns to revive consumer interest.

7 Point Strategy to Make “Great Mall of Aligarh” A Great Success – JustBaazaar

1 Photo Contests – JustBaazaar will create Photo Contests from the Great Mall of Aligarh. People from All fields will take selfies and photos and will post the same on their social media accounts. This will increase the popularity and Brand Value of “Great Mall of Aligarh”. We will have some prizes for some winners of the contests. In this, our team needs to be involved actively. Photo contests are a great way to get your brand displayed across social media. Plus, it’s easy for anyone with a mobile phone to take part.
Given Opportunity, we will make this strategy to make a success.

2. Coupons and promotional codes for “Great Mall of Aligarh
Customers love a good deal, so coupon promotions never go out of fashion. In fact. Even if you offer a discount, you’ll see a great return on your investment from increasing sales. JustBaazaar will also work on a Referral Scheme which will encourage the Business Owners to get more Stores to the “Great Mall of Aligarh“.

3. Every Month – Tickets Free with Tickets – This will surely encourage Business Owners as they can treat their friends and family. Really a great idea for the “Great Mall of Aligarh“.

4. Giveaways – JustBaazaar will leverage Online Technology. We will create a website and will build a good audience that will, directly and indirectly, help Great Mall of Aligarh in Building a great Reputation and Brand Visibility. Hence, the Mall will attract new Business Owners and More Shoppers.

5. Lucky Draw – It is still a great Idea. JustBaazaar suggests giving a shop or two by Lucky Draw. Ask business Owners to Participate in the lucky draw by just Giving a Minimal Fee of Approx 5000 Only. if they are lucky enough, they can get the shop at a 50% Discount for One year. it will create a good hype for The Great Mall of Aligarh in the market and among business owners.

6. Cheap Parking. It will attract More Shoppers and as a result, more Business Owners will show Interest in the Great Mall of Aligarh. JustBaazaar will create a Sound strategy around this. Every organization does something for Super Popularity.

7. Customer Loyalty Rewards: JustBaazaar will design a privilege card. This card will give some benefits to all shoppers and additional benefits to the business owners in the Great Mall of Aligarh. This will surely create a good ecosystem for the Great Mall of Aligarh. I am sure about that.

What JustBaazaar Needs to Implement This for Great Mall of Aligarh.

1. 150000 Service Charges for 3 Months – 75000 Advance
2. Proper and timely Allocation of funds required for Digital Marketing and Running Campaigns. JustBaazaar will not take a single rupee from that money. This will be given in return. We are a professional company. And we want to have a long-term relationship with the Great Mall of Aligarh.
3. In Time Approval of the schemes and campaigns designed by JustBaazaar, All suggestions are welcome and can be discussed. After your approval only we will run the campaign. But time needs to be kept in mind.
4. Dedicated Small Working Space in Great Mall of Aligarh where at least 3 to 4 people can make plans and implement the same.
5. Willingness to aggressively promote the Great Mall of Aligarh.
6. Other people like Mall Manager and Supervisors need to be willing to collaborate with JB Team.

I will take responsibility to make the Great Mall of Aligarh a great success in the coming time. We need at least 3 months of time to prove the power of Digital Marketing in favor of the Mall.

We believe everything is possible with Great Enthusiasm and High Energy levels blended with sound planning and brainstorming.

Looking forward to a long relationship with the Great Mall of Aligarh.