6 Best Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Skills

6 Best Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Skills

Writing top-quality content is an integral part of the best digital marketing strategy. 

But it is a time-taking task that demands appropriate writing skills and great effort. 

In times like these, content is still the king in digital marketing. 

Therefore, you should write quality content for your target audience. You can accomplish this task by finding a suitable writing environment that gives you a helping hand. 

Fortunately, there is a slew of amazing content writing tools that can help you fine-tune your writing skills. 

Check out these great tools below. 

Here you go!

1. Online-notepad.net

URL: https://www.online-notepad.net/

As a content writer, you need to write appealing and completely readable content for your target readers. 

But how will you know that your content is attracting your audience?

The answer is simple: Take digital notes.

Content writers need to take notes because it helps them remember all the essential things. 

In this digital world, you do not need to take notes using pen and paper. Instead, some notepad tools make this possible for you. 

This is where online-notepad.net comes into play. It helps you to create better content. 

With this notepad, you can create notes on your desired topic and save them on your device. 

With its “Google Search” feature, you can do direct searches on Google. In this way, it saves you a lot of time. 

You can write the critical information on its input area whenever you find some crucial points on Google. In addition to taking notes, you can also format your content by using its “Rich Text Note” feature. 

This feature is packed with all the text formatting elements. This tool is also integrated with Grammarly. So, you can make your content error-free by using it. 


  • Absolutely free
  • An advanced text editor 
  • Displays word count
  • Integrated with Grammarly 
  • Document locking feature 
  • Allows you to download and save your text 
  • Requires no software installation

2. CoSchedule.com

URL: https://coschedule.com/

If you want people to read your articles, you need a tool that helps you write headlines that people will want to click on. 

So, you can write headlines that get people interested and make them want to read the entire copy. 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a fantastic tool for accomplishing this task. 

This writing tool checks your headlines for word balance, emotional and power words, and length of characters. 

It helps you write strong headlines, which are important if you want your content to get as many views as you want.

With it, you can tweak your headlines to get more traffic, shares, and a higher search engine ranking.


  • Free to use
  • Measures the readability of your headline 
  • Engages your target audience with the best word balance
  • Optimizes the number of words to generate more engagement 

3. Word-counter.io

URL: https://www.word-counter.io/

Setting a target for word count is necessary for writing excellent copy. It helps you to reach or stay under the specific word count. 

Word-counter.io helps you to count characters (with and without spaces), words, sentences, and pages of your content without charging a single penny. 

It does so in real-time. All you need to do is copy-paste your content into its input section. You do not need to press any button.

Instead, this word counter automatically counts the actual word count in the blink of an eye. This way, you can ensure that your word count meets a particular requirement. 

Additionally, it also shows you the keyword density of your written article. Most significantly, it is integrated with Grammarly; accordingly, you can make your content free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. 


  • 100% free
  • Integrated with Grammarly 
  • Displays word density 
  • Works on all operating systems
  • No installation is required 

4. Rephraser.co

URL: https://www.rephraser.co/

Rephraser.co helps you express the same idea in different words that are easy to read. It creates multiple versions of the text. 

Thus, it allows you to learn how to express the same idea again in your own words. 

It is an AI-based writing tool that changes the sentence structure of the text and replaces words with synonyms without disturbing its core meaning.

It paraphrases text in real time. You do not need to install any software to use this tool. 

All you need to do is paste the text into its input section and hit the “Paraphrase” button. As an advanced paraphrasing tool, it creates human-friendly content. 

Its algorithms let you change the content tone and create 100% original content. Rephraser.co also removes redundancy in the content and enhances its readability. 


  • State-of-the-art paraphraser 
  • Paraphrases content smartly 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Available in multiple languages 
  • Packed with a text summarizer & grammar checker

5. Hemingwayapp.com

URL: https://hemingwayapp.com/

Hemmingway Editor is an editing tool that will help you stay at the top of your game as a writer.

The tool can do everything, from finding common writing mistakes to improving your writing skills.

You can switch between writing and editing modes to add suggestions to the writing right away.

Also, once you finish writing, you can immediately post your blog post to WordPress or Medium.


  • A free platform for writing content with impressive editing features
  • Helps you improve your writing style 
  • Identifies common to advanced mistakes in grammar
  • Gives you text its readability score 
  • Highlights all weak sentences 

6. Citationmachine.net 

URL: https://www.citationmachine.net/

Now that you have written excellent content, you need to make sure you give credit to the sources you used. 

Some people will say that you should use one style guide over another. 

You may have heard of MLA, APA, Chicago, AP, IEEE, and other style guides at some point in your academic life.

You can also break the rules as long as you do it the same way every time. If you want to do things your own way, make sure you always do things the same way.

This online tool makes it easy to format your citations quickly.

This can be helpful if you have used information from more than one source and want to show that your piece is credible by putting footnotes at the end. 


  • Easy to use
  • Clean layout 
  • Does not require any software installation

Bottom Lines 

Hope this list will help you in improving your content writing skills. I know that there are many tools out there that are very beneficial for content writing but we are able to add only 6 of them. So, if you have any other options in your mind do let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!