Hello Dear Friend, If you want to make a great life, career, future, and great children, Please read all these points mentioned below. It is my promise if you follow half of them, you will see a great positive change in your life.

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5 Mins To Change Your Life - Quotations | Suniltams Guruji Great Life Skills
5 Mins To Change Your Life – Quotations | Suniltams Guruji Great Life Skills


People are not wrong but different.

Be Spiritual

Learn to Keep Everyone Together.

Business to Become a Better Person.

Maintain a Great Company.

Maintain Company of Great people.

Your personality is defined by your company.

Better be alone than in a bad company.

A Person is known by his company.

Destiny can be very cruel. Thanks to god you are enjoying.

How to recognize good people.?

People, who make you uncomfortable are good for you?

Success wants discomfort.

You can never be successful with comfort.

Never criticize any successful person.

Never talk bad about a successful person.

Join the harder group. It will take your best out.

Seek Better People Seek More Knowledgeable People.

When you have the least knowledge, stay in that group.

Never talk bad about people. Especially successful people.

Personal Development.


Read Great Books. Read More Books.

Increase your knowledge regularly.

Experience more.

Self-improvement is not big. A little bit of improvement can change your life.



Know The difference between doing what’s required and not required.

Marginal improvement creates big difference.

No need to make lots of improvement.

Jovovich plays tennis.

2004 rank 600+

2010 Rank 3rd Rank

.3 million to 14 million

used to win 49% Matches now wins 90%

Ensure marginal improvement. it will get a huge improvement.

Two things will ensure success in your next five years.
The company you have.
The books you read.

Bill Gates
Read him.
Know him.

Fact about him – he reads 80 plus books in a year.

You, do not read much. read at least 30 minutes per day.

You will not face loss by reading books.

Ignore – Learn to ignore.

Learn to avoid.

You can not do business with Heaviness.

in order to go up, you need to be light.
Example – Rocket.

Oopar Jaane ke liye halka hona padta hai.

Be Humble

When you grow, when you prosper, make sure you grow humble as well.

Needy should come to you.

Do not try to fly in Busines. Try to grow. Stay on earth.

Be Rooted.

Never Forget your status and past.

Income will not exceed personality.

Keep Earning Money.

Develop money preserving habits.

Believe in Ramayan.

Great Example of Humbleness.

When he lit Lanka, he met Maa Sita.

Hanuman Ji gave the ring to Maa Sita.

Hanuman Ji introduced in a very humble way.

Ram Doot me Maat Janki. Kalakar.

Gagan Bhoot Aakash Shareera.

Be Humble with Power.

Be Knowledge with a hunger for knowledge.

Poonch ka Baal bhi baanka na ho.

Apratyashit. When something great happens in your life.

God is holding your hand. Be Humble.

Do Business for the welfare of others and society.

The Biggest investment you can make is you give one full day to your children.

Your capital gain will increase in a great manner.

Evaluate how much time you have spent with your family.

This post is inspired by Sonu Sharma – Click Here to watch the Video