2018 Action Movies’ Bible: Top List & Calendar

20 Films to Talk About:

  1. Ölümlü Dünya
  2. Den of Thieves
  3. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
  4. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure
  5. Braven
  6. Black Panther
  7. Accident Man
  8. Bad Investigate
  9. Tomb Raider
  10. Pacific Rim Uprising
  11. Ready Player One
  12. Deadpool 2
  13. Mission: Impossible – Fallout
  14. Game Over, Man!
  15. Rampage
  16. Robin Hood: Origins
  17. X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  18. The Predator
  19. Bumblebee
  20. Bad Boys for Life
  21. Sicario 2: Soldado

Hello movie lovers and friends, I am back again to cover 2018’s action movies. I have noticed that action is among such genres that are produced in a huge quantity. There are 1000s of films released each year that have action element somewhere in them. This year there is also a flood of such movies, and I have gathered them from worldwide cinema including our favourite Hollywood.

I have collected 250 films of action genre from more than 1000 films, and a big thanks to IMDB to help me accomplish the task. 250 are those action movies that are being popular and have gained a good response.

Here, I would especially like to talk about anime films; they are also on our list. You will also have south Indian films that are famous for larger than life action scenes. So let’s begin.

Top Action Movies 2018 to Have Words On

So guys from those fine action films I have filtered 20 movies to talk about. Obviously, these films are the most promising and trending; it looks like the audience will love them once they get released. Moreover, I have focused to have more pure action films here, hence some superhero films like “Avengers: Infinity War” have been out of the list. Yes, they do have great action but they are more superhero films.

Ölümlü Dünya: It is a Turkish film that means Mortal World in English. It has been already released and has gotten over 8 on IMDB.  Along with the great ratings, what has had my eyes on it is its trailer; initially, there was a comedy but later there was a boom of good action scenes. The film has a simple and straightforward script which is made effective by the screenplay.

I can tell that if it is released in your language then you will also enjoy it a lot.

Plot Summary: The story focuses 8 members family who has been working at a restaurant in Haydarpasa for years. All is being prosperous until a threatening secret of theirs is about to reveal.

Den of Thieves: I believe that crime is the genre that suits action the best; you may call the collaboration “Pure Action”. Den of Thieves is a super impressive film that is loaded with real action scenes. It showcases a giant clash between the police department and a group of skilled robbers.

Plot Summary: Outlaws, a gang of skilled men who used to be militarians have the plan to rob Los Angeles’ Federal Reserve Bank. However, they are going to deal with the most hazardous police unit called “Regulators”. While being engaged in the heist, the gang comes to realize that the leader of Regulators named Bick Nick is much more dangerous than they thought.

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure: It is among those franchises that made me a fan in the initial hours of the first film. And, I guess you would have been also waiting for this final Maze Runner movie. Now the film has been released and gained nice feedbacks.

I haven’t watched it yet but it feels equal to the previous two films. Reviews and the trailer of the movie ensure that there will be a good action, adventure and connectivity of characters with the audience.

Plot Summary: Thomas and his Glader friends have to break out the deadliest maze in the Last City to rescue their friends, and to know the untold answers Gladers have been wanting to know. Meanwhile, they also need to find the cure for an infectious virus that is turning humans into zombies.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight: It is the only direct to video animated film in our list and there is a huge reason for it being here. I have found “Gotham by Gaslight” the most impressive animated movie on the superhero; though I haven’t watched many.

You may have heard about Jack The Ripper, the real-life serial killer in London in 1800s. There have been many films on the character, I watched the 1959’s film last year.

Having said that, this Batman movie is set in that Victorian era where there are less to no gadgets Batman uses in his movies. He needs to stop and unmask Jack The Ripper who has been murdering women in Gotham.

The film has been released on DVD and people have liked it. I personally want to watch this film; it seems like there will be good clashes among the two characters along with the mystery.

Braven: It may not be like movies with a great concept that audience and critics applaud till years. However, it is among those quick films that you can enjoy once. Braven consists of nice action, drama and a bit of thriller. And, I am most affected by the energy its screenplay brings you as a viewer.

Top Action Movies Hollywood in 2018

Plot Summary: Joe Braven, a logger plans to visit his cabin in the snow with his family to have some fun time. But at the last night, a truck of drug mafia has an accident near the cabin and it is decided to hide the drugs into the cabin. In the morning when the Braven family arrives at the place, they get shocked to see drugs in the place. Soon the gang comes and a deadly encounter embarks between both sides.

Black Panther: I know you had been waiting for the release of the movie since its announcement. Now it has hit the theatres and as expected, it has won hearts. The interesting thing about Black Panther is that you don’t need to watch Captain America: Civil War or any other Marvel movies to fully understand it.

Most Watched Action Movies in 2018 From  Hollywood

Having said that, there are so many brilliantly shot action scenes in the movie that make the viewers feel wow.  One such scene is when Black Panther stops a car by putting his hand inside its wheel.

Plot Summary: After the death of his father, T’Challa gets to Wakanda to be the new King and serve his people. However, Erik Killmonger becomes his rebel and puts his all to take down T’Challa. This war of throne embarks to a hazardous situation in Wakanda. Now T’Challa’s other character, Black Panther has to stop Wakanda being destroyed.

Accident Man: I found Accident Man a really cool action film. The plot follows a simple storyline; however, the highlight of the movie is its characters. There are different kinds of assassins in the script that have unique working style, including the main character Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins).

Plot Summary: Mike Fallon is a highly skilled assassin who kills his targets in a way that looks like an accident. Rest of the gang members also have their style of killing. When Mike’s lover’s life comes to an end; he doubts one of his gang members and seeks for avenge.

Bad Investigate: This film also fits in that good one-time watch films. It is a Portuguese film that has crime, comedy and drama along with the action. After watching the trailer it feels like there are some quality humour scenes in the movie as well.

The plot showcases a bad and corrupt cop who hires two people named Alex and Cid to catch an infamous drug dealer who has been trying to have to avenge for his brother’s death.

The film may not release theatrically in the USA and UK, we have to wait for its DVD and Online release.

Tomb Raider: So we have already had 2 Tom Raider films that got a nice review if not good. Tomb Raider is rebooting from this 2018 film; the entire team is different that involves Warner Bros. Pictures in production and distribution. All this gives a smell of a better film than previous ones.

The 2018 film is loaded with amazing action scenes, carried in the adventurous journey.

Plot Summary: Lara Croft embarks a journey to find the mystery of her lost father. She has to face all the fatal challenges come in her way at a tomb in Japan.

Pacific Rim Uprising: The 2018 movie follows that simple and fascinating idea that is loaded with larger than life destruction. It is promised that the audience will have a great experience with science fiction-action. And, after having a look at the trailer, the screenplay of the movie seems full of endeavour.

Plot Summary: A new Monstrous threat has embarked and the world is on the edge of apocalypse again. This time, Jake, son of Stacker, unites a new team of Jaegers to take down Kaijus.

Ready Player One: I have always been a big fan of concepts & ideas Steven Spielberg brings to the silver screen. He has contributed to several genres and in 2018 he is coming up with a great sci-fi script of Ready Player One. The movie showcases near future and how virtual reality has been dominating over the real world.

Plot Summary: Set in 2045, the world has been a place with a lack of resources and people are suffering badly. The last hope of living a prosperous lifestyle is a virtual world called OASIS, created by James Halliday. People can do and feel what they could in the real world. Moreover, there is an Easter egg hidden in OASIS and the person who find it will have total control to this new world of virtual reality.

Deadpool 2: The character has gained a solid fan base; people have been loving the style and attitude of Deadpool. In the first film, it was more about the character itself that was shown in a straightforward storyline. The strength was Wade Wilson and the screenplay.

And, I believe that Deadpool films may not have great stories in future as well and they shouldn’t have too. People would more enjoy the character instead of a great plot.

In this 2018 film, the creators have done the same; they have introduced two more characters from the X-Men universe. Cable and Domino will be centred in the script in the upcoming movie along with Wade. This means there is going to be more happenings in the movie.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Another film in our list that fans have been waiting for eagerly. The trailer is full of action and drama. What I like are the scenes where Ethan Hunt is on the verge of death.

Needless to say but it is the movie that most action fans have planned to watch in the theatres.

The script showcases how the CIA begins to have doubts on their spy Ethan Hunt when he gets failed in an IMF mission that brings a hazard for the world. He is now also the target of many including his former teammates.

Game Over, Man!: It may not be a highly popular film on our list but believe me, it is going to be an awesome film. Game Over, Man! is getting a release on Netflix on 23 March 2018. The movie is full of sensible comedy scenes along with cool action. A fascinating fact to know about is that it has gotten less than 5% dislikes on its trailer; a great achievement these days.

Plot Summary: Three video game developers get a chance to have their product published. However, the person who is going to sponsor their game is kidnapped by the terrorists. Now the three take the responsibility to rescue their sponsor and others. The newly formed rescue squad creates messes while accomplishing the task.

Rampage: Dwayne Johnson is back again to dominate and save the world in his helicopter. Sounds like “San Andreas”? Yes, it is directed by Brad Peyton and you can feel that theme in this 2018 film as well. Rampage is about monsters and saving the world. We have seen such scripts several times; hence Rampage is a one-time watch film to enjoy with your near ones. There is no need to bring critics’ minds into the theatre.

Plot Summary: Davis Okoye has been caring an albino gorilla since he found him; he nurtures him and is kind of a parent of it. The gorilla turns into a giant and aggressive monster after an accidental experiment on him, along with a wolf and a crocodile. Now the three clashes with each other to show their dominance, and it triggers the destruction of mankind. Davis gets into the situation, and he has to save mankind and his beloved gorilla as well.

Robin Hood: Origins: It is going to be another movie on the legendary character of Robin Hood. There have been dozens of movies on him from different creators, most showcases about how Robin Hood thieves rich and helps poor people.

But, according to a report on movieweb; the 2018 film has an entirely different view on the character. The movie has a script that is focused on the greatness of the character instead of his thefts. It is going to be like showing people why Robin Hood is so iconic even after centuries.

I believe that it may be more a cinematic movie; can’t say it with assurance but it popped in my mind. What do you think? Please comment.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix: The second X-Men film in our list and a much anticipated one too. The film will display Dark Phoenix Saga script, focuses an X-Men superhero Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force.

Plot Summary: Jean Grey’s superpowers get increased drastically while she is on a cosmic mission. Grey turns into a dark force and can be a hazard to others. Now the X-Men need to take a decision if they are going to save others in return of Jean.

The Predator: Another spin-off franchise’s film that is going to be released in 2018. So far all the three franchise’s films (Predator, Predator 2, Predators) have been really fine for commercial cinema’s fans and as well as for real critics. Most interestingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated on TheArnoldFans.com that he has been discussing with the creators of The Predator about his comeback in the role. If that happens, it would be a delightful present for his fans across the globe, such as me in India.

Shane Black, the director of the film has said that he and his team have been trying to have fascinating modifications in the upcoming sequel to create a kind of uniqueness to have a new base for the franchise. However, The Predator can’t be called a reboot as its story will be chained with previous films.

Bumblebee: Transformers is among those brands that people have been caring since times. All of its movies have shown us fascinating action sequences and have been applauded all around the world.

In 2018, the franchise is getting a spin-off from Bumblebee, one of the Transformers character. Obviously, the creators would be trying to elevate the brand; they have brought Travis Knight as the new director.

It is going to be a prequel to the first Transformers movie and will display events two decades before it. It is going to connect with the audience as it may have many emotional scenes focusing Bumblebee. And, we have already witnessed that original stories are more emotional.

Bad Boys for Life: So we are going to see the third instalment of Bad Boys after a long period of 15 years. It is again such a movie that’s a highlight is its characters. All the previous two films had a simple script but having cool characters and screenplay made the things worked.

In the first film, Marcus and Mike had to chase the robbers who stole drugs from their station. And, the next part continued the drug thing where they stopped drug trafficking. The 2018 film may also have drugs involved; however, there is no official statement. Will Smith and Martin are again being shown as our favourite cops.

So these were the 20 action films that I thought should be discussed with my beloved viewers. I may have missed a few films, please name a movie in the comments section below.